In 1953, legendary tiger trainer Trevor "Tommy" Bale (1913 - 1994) realized his lifelong dream of headlining the center ring of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus - "The Greatest Show on Earth." Years of struggle, hard work and anonymity now resulted in worldwide fame and domestic stability for Bale and his family. At this apex in his career, Trevor Bale, with the assistance of Walter B. Gibson (famed ghostwriter for magicians Harry Houdini, Howard Thurston and Harry Blackstone and the creator of one of pulp fiction's most enduring characters, "The Shadow"), sought to preserve the legacy of the Bale family, in his autobiography, "The Trevor Bale Story".

Trevor Bale once said he was "born in a sawdust ring on the back of a horse", the son of Edwin George Bale, "the most versatile circus artist who ever lived." Generations of the Bale family performed, under circus tents, throughout the world, and Trevor first faced an audience as a member of the "Bale Family of Cyclists"(c.1916). Traveling throughout the world, Trevor "Tommy" Bale was a witness to many great historical events of the first half of the Twentieth Century (two World Wars, revolts in Ireland, coal miner's strikes in England, African exploration and turmoil, etc). In the mid 1950s, Bale sat down to record his memories on reel-to-reel tape to be transcribed and edited by Gibson. This typed manuscript collection is now preserved in the Belknap Collection for the Performing Arts. Throughout these pages, Bale vividly describes the excitement, politics, dangers and mishaps involved in day-to-day circus life. Bale's passionate eye for detail is evident as he recalls a late night train collision with a herd of African cattle, a shark attack, a near disaster at sea (traveling from England to South Africa aboard the R.M.S. "Edinburgh Castle" ocean liner), and a gruesome attack upon a tourist, by African natives, at the scenic South African Victoria Falls.

In order to survive the pitfalls of his stress-filled career, Bale learned all the necessary tricks, traditions and skills while traveling on the road and performing on the stage and in the circus ring. Danish born, this British citizen was a man of his times and setting and he unapologetically presents a sometimes less than politically correct description of the transient life of the circus performer. Researchers will find some rough edges, throughout this unedited manuscript, but the reader will also discover a colorful and descriptive narrative of an era long gone. Bale's goal was to recreate "what early 20th century circus life was like" and his intentions are brilliantly achieved from page to page. His life was a passing parade of show business lore including stints with the "Blackpool Tower Circus', Holland's "Circus Stratzburger", "Peglo's Circus", Sweden's "Scott's Circus", "Circus Midrano", Germany's "Circus Busch", a few Bale family circus organizations and, finally, at the urging of John Ringling North - "The Greatest Show on Earth!" Shortly after Trevor Bale joined the Ringling organization, union strikes and diminishing attendance forced the circus to close. The unthinkable forced Bale and his fellow performers to seek employment with smaller organizations until "the biggest of the big tops" could reorganize.


At this time, the interest in Trevor Bale's exciting life story also faded and Walter B. Gibson's proposals were rejected by every publishing house. Gibson transcribed Trevor Bale's recorded reminiscences and preserved, in rough form, 208 pages (approximately 8 reels) of the unpublished tome. Walter Gibson abandoned the project and never completed the editing process. Trevor Bale, "one of the world's foremost tiger trainers", was crushed by this failure and, in many poignant letters to Gibson he pours out his need for money and recognition.

The story of Trevor Bale, animal trainer, acrobat, aerialist, ringmaster and clown, is a tale worthy of telling. Unfortunately, there was no longer a need to continue Bale's recording project. Due to economics and historical events the book was shelved and the unfinished "Trevor Bale Story" never saw the light of day. Fortunately, the preliminary pre-publication efforts of Bale and Gibson are now preserved in the Belknap Collection for the Performing Arts and the story of one of the truly great, but unsung, "circus men" of the 20th Century will finally be told.

The collection is housed in two boxes (approximately 1 linear foot) and is alphabetically filed by subject. Included within the collection is background information on both Trevor Bale and Walter B. Gibson, the written agreement between Bale and Gibson, letters (personal correspondence, business letters and the publication rejection letters), magazine and newspaper articles, circus tour cards, circus programs, and the pre-publication manuscripts prepared by Walter B. Gibson (including handwritten corrections and signed notes and corrections by Bale and Gibson).


Folder 1Agreement 1 page -carbon typed letter - unsigned agreement between Gibson and Bale regarding Bale's life story
Folder 2American Magazine, The1 copy of the June 1956 edition of The American Magazine. Includes the article "Care To Train a Tiger?" by John Kobler (a profile of Trevor "Tommy" Bale pages 24-25, 96-99)
Folder 3Bale, TrevorLetters (1955-56) to Walter B. Gibson discussing the book and his life - most are signed by Trevor Bale
Folder 4Bale, TrevorMiscellaneous photocopied biographical information on the life of Bale from the Internet and publications
Folder 5CircusMiscellaneous articles relating to the circus including information on the 1956 strikes and the closing of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus
Folder 6Gibson, Walter B.Letters (1955-57) to Bale - carbon typed copies discussing the book - one letter signed by Gibson
Folder 7Gibson, Walter B.Miscellaneous photocopied biographical information on the life of Gibson from the Internet and publications
Folder 8Gibson, Walter B.Rejection letters (1956) sent to Gibson from various publishing houses (Random House, McGraw-Hill, etc) regarding the Bale Story
Folder 9Gibson, Walter B.Research Notes (10 pages) Handwritten (unsigned) notes compiled by Gibson while interviewing Bale
Folder 10Manuscript"Bale I" (copy 1) - Trevor Bale Story -carbon typed manuscript copy (208 pages) - complete transcription through Reel 8 - handwritten corrections by Gibson
Folder 11Manuscript"Bale I" (copy 2) - Trevor Bale Story- Original manuscript copy (208 pages) - complete through Reel 8 - handwritten corrections by Gibson
Folder 1Manuscript"Chapter I" (copy 1) - Trevor Bale Story - carbon typed copy (34 pages) on thin yellow paper
Folder 2Manuscript"Chapter I" (copy 2) - Trevor Bale Story - carbon typed copy (34 pages) on thin gold paper
Folder 3Manuscript"Chapter I" (copy 3) - Trevor Bale Story - Original copy (34 pages) with minor handwritten corrections by Gibson
Folder 4ManuscriptCorrections typed by Bale (9 pages) - Signed by Bale
Folder 5Manuscript"Digest" of Trevor Bale Story (copy 1) - transcribed and prepared by Gibson from 14 reels of Bale recordings
Folder 6Manuscript"Digest" of Trevor Bale Story (copy 2) - transcribed and prepared by Gibson from 14 reels of Bale recordings - minor corrections by Gibson - includes envelope with Gibson notations
Folder 7ManuscriptOutline - Trevor Bale Story (copy 1) - carbon typed copy prepared by Gibson
Folder 8ManuscriptOutline - Trevor Bale Story (copy 2) - original copy (unsigned) prepared by Gibson with handwritten corrections by Gibson
Folder 9Miscellaneous23 Bale mailing envelopes from correspondence sent to Gibson - Most typed with address information, some handwritten by Bale
Folder 10Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey CircusIncomplete 1955-56 set of official circus touring schedule cards (12) sent to Gibson by Bale in order to provide contact information while on the road
Folder 11Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus1956 official circus program - Bale is listed on page 34 - "Implacable Killers of Asian Jungles Featuring Trevor Bale's Royal Bengal Tigers"
Folder 12Saunders, MarionLetters and agreement (1955) sent to Bale from Marion Saunders, his publishing agent and representative during the book preparation

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