BOX 1 (78 RPM)
Basie, Count Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Pennsylvania 78 RPM
Brown, Roger (2) Down in Florida 78 RPM
Conrad's Orchestra Waltz Florida 78 RPM
Dalhart, Vernon Wreck of the Royal Palm 78 RPM
Fagan, Sybil A Day in Florida 78 RPM
Garber, Jan Seminola 78 RPM
Haring, Bob Florida, the Moon and You 78 RPM
Harrison, Wilbert Florida Special 78 RPM
Kaufman, Irving In Florida Among the Palms 78 RPM
Noble, Ray Seminole 78 RPM
Rich, Fred Down on the Florida Shore 78 RPM
Rosenberg, Michel Shepsel in Florida 78 RPM
Ross, "Black Face" Eddie Ross' Florida Cracker 78 RPM
Scanlan, Walter Sunny Florida 78 RPM
Smith, Bessie Florida Bound Blues 78 RPM
Swain, Hack Christmas in Florida 78 RPM
Swain, Hack (4) Florida Calling 78 RPM
Waller, "Fats" Florida Flo 78 RPM
BOX 2 (LP)
Castellanos, Al; Fields, Irving; Holmes, Leroy Florida -- (5 Cardboard Recordings) 33 1/3 RPM
Bell, Clark Florida, The Land of My Dreams LP
Blattner, Jules / Warren Groovy Comin' Up From Florida LP
Braddock, Bobby F-L-O-R-I-D-A LP
Brito, Phil Singing in the Sunshine in Florida LP
Buffett, Jimmy Floridays LP
Buffett, Jimmy Margaritaville & other titles LP
Buffett, Jimmy Trying to Reason with the Hurricane Season & other titles LP
Chick, Ralph Florida LP
Clapton, Eric Mainline Florida LP
Delius, Frederick Florida Suite LP
Fort, Hank Florida Shore LP
Lombardo, Guy Florida LP
Metheny, Pat Florida Greeting Song / Legend of the Fountain LP
Hatchet, Molly Gator Country LP
Petty, Tom Southern Accents LP
Renshaw, Jarrett The Florida Summer LP
Unknown Artist The Orange Bird LP
Wallowitch, John Florida LP
Waters, Muddy (2) Deep Down in Florida LP
BOX 3 (Cassettes & 45 RPM)
Attractions Guide Great American Vacations cassette
Blue Rodeo Florida cassette
Bultman, David The Florida Fling cassette
Fagen, Donald Florida Room cassette
MacKay, Buddy Campaign Song - 1998 cassette
Petty, Tom Full Moon Fever cassette
Unknown Artist Flea Market Fever cassette
Unknown Artist Off to Florida cassette
Agendas, The Florida 45 RPM
Barrow, Barbara & Mike Smith Osceolas's Last Words 45 RPM
Bryant, Anita The Orange Bird Song 45 RPM
Burns, Hughie Florida Crackers 45 RPM
Castles's Royal Band The Little Floridy 45 RPM
City Magic Going Back to Florida 45 RPM
Clapton, Eric Mainline Florida 45 RPM
Collins, Leroy Governor's Conference 45 RPM
Downtowners Florida 45 RPM
Ellen, Bruce The Florida Waltz 45 RPM
Four Posters, The The Florida Shore 45 RPM
Gator Pit Bull 45 RPM
Houston and Dorsey The Wreck of the John B. 45 RPM
Jarre, Maurice with Chad and Jeremy Airbrne 45 RPM
King, Jim Florida Way 45 RPM
Lombardo, Guy Florida 45 RPM
Luconto, Brothers, The Bob Graham Song 45 RPM
Smith, Roger Florida Sunshine Waltz 45 RPM
Struttin String Band of Florida Golden Slippers 45 RPM
Talbert, Harry The Porpoise Song (NY World's Fair '65) 45 RPM
Tribesmen, The Seminole 45 RPM
Turner, Sicurella Florida on My Mind 45 RPM
Unknown Artist Sounds of Seminole 45 RPM
Zink, Chuck The Song of Florida 45 RPM

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