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Alpenglow Didn't He Shine LP
Alpenglow Run and See LP
Alpenglow Song of Truth LP
Ambassadors, The Heaven's Jubilee LP
Anderson, Joe I'm A Wealthy Fellow LP
Annette and Randy Songs of Praise LP
Arisers, The Heart Full of Love LP
Barbara, Guy and Ralph I Know the Lord Laid His Hands on Me LP
Bereans, The Jesus Christ is Lord of All LP
Billingsley, Betty Jean A Brand New Song LP
Billy Hale and Sweetwater Homebound LP
Bish, Diane Festival of Hymns LP
Bish, Diane The Joy of Christmas LP
Bish, Diane The Passion Symphony (2 records) LP
Blackburn, Robert F. God Bless America LP
Boalt, Steve We Come With Music LP
Boalt, Steve Wonderful, Marvelous and Happy LP
Bogue Family, The The Country Gospel Sound LP
Bonfim, Rick Does His Thing LP
Bonfim, Rick He Was My Brother LP
Broome, John In Remembrance LP
Bruce and Candy The Love of Jesus LP
Burns, Clyde Great Big Wonderful God LP
Burtcher, Wayne L. The Stranger of Galilee LP
Butch Williams Singers Here Comes the Bride LP
Byers, Jim and Joan God Wants You Healed LP
Calvary Choir On Tour LP
Calvary Choir Be Like Jesus LP
Calvary Echoes, The One More River to Cross LP
Calvary Echoes, The What's on Your Mind LP
Campbell, Jim Sings Moment of Truth LP
Chalice One…As We Are One LP
Christianaires, The Of Orlando, Florida LP
Christianaires, The Touring that City LP
Clark, Terry and Collette Savior, Like a Shepherd Lead Us LP
Cohn, Violet His to Command LP
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Corinthins, The Make Room in Your Hart For Us LP
Corinthins, The Wonderful Country LP
Corrigan, John A Talk With God LP
Crimson, Tide The Crimson Tide, The LP
Crimson, Tide The Sings The Real Thing LP
Curl, Bill and Lucy From Our House To Your House LP
Dave and Dana R Victorious LP
De Frates, Jamie Son of Dust LP
DeStefanis, Paul Love Theme LP
Dixie Echoes In Times Like These LP
Dough, Whitney In Jesus LP
Duann There is a Light LP
Eternity Count Your Blessings LP
Eternity Loving LP
Eternity Now and Forever LP
Eternity Servin' Nobody But Jesus LP
Faith Temple Trio, The Sings LP
Fanaday, Donna The Special Way I See LP
Faye and Len Do You Know My Jesus LP
Fellowship Quartet Sings Sings on the Sunny Banks LP
Firemen, The God is Love LP
Firemen, The Sings the New and the Old LP
Florida Boy's, The Best of LP
Florida Boy's, The First Class Gospel LP
Florida Boy's, The In Concert - Live LP
Florida Boy's, The Look Up to Jesus LP
Florida Boy's, The Make Happy Tracks LP
Florida Boy's, The Movin' On Up LP
Florida Boy's, The Sings On the Wings of a Dove LP
Florida Boy's, The True Gospel LP
Florida Boy's, The Vintage Gospel LP
Florida Mass Choir, The Recorded Live in Miami, Florida (2 records) LP
Florida Singers, The Getting Ready Today LP
Fort Lauderdale News Our Christian Heritage LP
Four Shores Quartet The Lighthouse LP
Fox Family Gospel Orchestra, The Gospel Album # 4 LP
Frissell, Tom Tom Sings to his Lord LP
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Garren, Marie The Price Has Been Paid LP
Garth and Glenda Songs With a Message LP
Generation Singers Jesus Did it For Me LP
Gentry, Gordon God's Miracle Hour LP
Gentry, Gordon He Brought the Light LP
Gentry, Gordon Life's Railway to Heaven LP
Gentry, Gordon When We March Thru LP
Gospel Aires, The Let the Spirit Descend LP
Hardin, Robert He is My Everything LP
Hare Family Let's Just Praise the Lord LP
Harmeling, Carl Songs of Faith LP
Hazelbaker Family, The Plea to America LP
Highlanders Quartet Highlanders Quartet LP
His Ambassadors Tell You His Story LP
Hunts, The Because He Loves Me LP
Hunts, The Sincerely Yours LP
Hurst, Dan You Are There LP
Internationals, The The Internationals LP
Jacobs, Frank Come Close to God LP
Jacobs, Frank Sacred Classics LP
Jacobs, Frank Something Old, Something New LP
Jacobs, Frank Your Favorite Gospel Songs LP
Jean and Carole Melodies of Praise LP
Jenkins, LeRoy Songs in the Night LP
Jo Just Jo LP
Jones Family, The Just Thanking You Lord LP
Joy Song Band Greatest Gift LP
Jubilee Trio, The God's Way LP
Judy Introducing Judy LP
Kay, Kitty From the Heart LP
Kay, Kitty To the Glory of God LP
Keith, Bill and Anna Shout It Out LP
Kelley, Karen Karen Kelly LP
Kellery, Lee State of the Heart LP
Kelly, Michael Songs For You LP
Kent and Cathy Catch the Wind LP
Kent and Cathy Lord I've Got A Song LP
Kirk Singers, The On Tour LP
Kupferle, Mary L. The Beloved Son LP
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Lancaster, Jim Loved Ones LP
Laursen, Caren Go In My Name LP
LeBlanc, Lenny Person to Person LP
LeBlanc, Lenny Say a Prayer LP
Lee, Terry I Know LP
Love Brothers, The Since the Son Rose LP
Lundy Family Singers When We March Through LP
McCraw, Dan Going On LP
Macaulay, Weil Favorite Melodies LP
Maharaj, Barbara Through It All LP
Malara, Bruno and Cathy For He's So Great LP
Mallory, Joyce Can't Help Singing LP
Marino, Paul Bless This House LP
Master's Men, The Something for Everyone LP
Mathews, John The Five of Us LP
Melodies of Harmony, The Be A Child of the King LP
Messengers, The From the Hearts of………. LP
Messengers, The Mustang Mobile Homes, Inc., Presents LP
Messengers, The When I Get Up To Heaven LP
Miami Choral Society Holiday Music Festival LP
Miami Lutheran Chorus Advent Christmas Consert LP
Minority, The Bless That Wonderful Name LP
Minority, The From Bach to Rock LP
Minority, The O Sing Unto The Lord a Now Song LP
Minority, The Show Me Jesus LP
Morse, Tom Singing on the Streets LP
Mortons, The We're Going Home LP
Murphy, Barbara and Everett What Love LP
Musical Ferrins, The Sing The Lighthouse LP
New Birth Where the Spirit of the Lord Is LP
New Directors' Style Love LP
New Freedom Singers Wade in the Water LP
New Life Singers Jesus Joy LP
New Life Singers Time to Build LP
New Robinson Singers One Way LP
Nightingale Jack Looking and Longing LP
Nill, Jon The Singing Heart LP
Noble, Jerry and Paula Revival in Sermon and Song LP
Nyes, The The Board of Deacons LP
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One of the Spirit Ever Gentle, Ever Sweet LP
Owings, Tim Overshadowed LP
Owings, Tim Revival Hymns LP
Pathfinders Quartet, The In God We Trust LP
Pathfinders Quartet, The New Sounds LP
Pitman Family, The God's Grace is Sufficient LP
Porrazzo, Johnny Lighthouse LP
Prodigal Prodigal LP
Prond, Carole Joyously I Sing LP
Purdie's Bernard A Long Time Over Due LP
Pyle, Hugh How To Keep The Honey in the Honeymoon LP
Railey, Don and Darla End-Time Evangelists LP
Rebels, The In The Shelter of His Arms LP
Reed, Saundra A Happy Heart, A Peaceful Mind LP
Representatives Indroducing LP
Richardson, Cindy Crusader LP
Roger and Paul Why Not? LP
Rothwell, Jean Fill My Cup, Lord LP
Rothwell, Jean Fill My Cup, Lord (alternative record jacket) LP
Ruby, Rod Wonder of Wonders LP
Rumler Family, The More About Jesus LP
Russo, Nick An Angel is Love LP
Sammy Hall Trio, The God Plus Nothing Equals Everything LP
Schahn's Barry Personal Testimony LP
Sebastians, The Especially For You LP
Sessody, Pamela P.S. He Loves You LP
Singing Disciples, The I Believe LP
Singing Disciples, The That Day LP
Singing Millers, The … the Spirit LP
Singing Morris Family, The Alll Together LP
Singing Morris Family, The Morris by Morris LP
Singing Morris Family, The Something Beautiful LP
Singing Valiants, The There is More to Life LP
Singing Tower, The A Spiritual Message LP
Stamper Brothers, The Sings Joshua LP
Station Eight SeaWatch LP
Vinnie My Dependable Friend LP
Zylstra, Dave Sings of Wonderful Love LP
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