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A Guide to the Papers of J. Wayne Reitz

Finding aid created by Dept. Staff

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
February 2008

Descriptive Summary

Creator: Reitz, J. Wayne (Julius Wayne), 1908-1993
Title: Papers of J. Wayne Reitz
Dates: 1925-1995
Abstract: Personal correspondence, speeches and writings, lecture notes, and memorabilia of J. Wayne Reitz, fifth president of the University of Florida.
Extent: 5.25 Linear feet. 10 boxes and 3 volumes.
Identification: Series P15
Language(s): English

Biographical/Historical Note

J. Wayne Reitz was fifth president of the University of Florida.

J. (Julius) Wayne Reitz was born on December 31, 1908 in Olathe, Kansas. In 1930, after being editor of the university's yearbook, freshmen class president, student body president, and winner of the Rocky Mountain Oratory Award, he received his Bachelor's degree from Colorado State University. He worked as an extension economist, first at Colorado State, and then with the University of Illinois, where in 1935 he attained his Master's. That same year he married Frances Huston Millikan. A year before, however, he moved to the University of Florida and assumed an assistant professorship in agricultural economics. As he advanced to the rank of full professor, Reitz continued with his formal studies at the University of Wisconsin where he earned his doctorate in 1941.

Reitz left academic life in 1944 for a short stint as economic consultant for the United Growers and Shippers Association. Four years later, he became Chief of the Citrus Fruits Section in the USDA. In 1949, Reitz returned to the University of Florida under appointment by President J. Hillis Miller to be Provost for Agriculture. During his tenure as Provost he was appointed to the administrative boards of the Escuela Agrícola Panamericana in Tegucigalpa and the Instituto Interamericano de Ciencias Agrícolas de la OEA in Turrialba, Costa Rica.

After the sudden death of UF President Miller in November, 1953, there began a lengthy search for a successor. Philip G. Davidson, President of the University of Louisville, was named the new executive. Davidson, however, withdrew his name when Acting Governor Charley Johns refused to sign his payroll warrant. A new search was initiated. Reitz's name was announced on March 22, 1955, and he took office shortly afterwards.

Reitz worked closely with state officials to continue the creation and expansion of the new health center. Other building projects included a nuclear training reactor, an educational television station, and new married student housing. Along with the new buildings, Reitz tightened admission standards and placed greater emphasis on academic achievement in matters ranging from the awarding of financial aid to the development of advanced placement procedures. Reitz expanded the graduate school through new programs and centers (especially the Latin American Language and Area Center) and created the Division of Sponsored Research to increase funding opportunities for research. His wife, a gracious hostess to countless dignitaries and students, also took an active role in advancing the university's music program. All of this expansion came alongside a doubling of the student population, from 9,000 to 18,000.

The Reitz years were not without controversy. Strict behavior guidelines, dress codes, and a Faculty Disciplinary Committee to enforce these rules all received Reitz's strong endorsement. In the early 1960s, the Florida Legislative Investigating Committee accused twenty-two university employees and a number of students of homosexual conduct. All were summarily discharged or expelled. The denial of tenure to Marshall Jones, a psychiatrist active in radical causes, led to censure by the American Association of University Professors. Relatively speaking, though, the campus did not witness significant turmoil. Racial integration was achieved at Florida with less turmoil than most southern colleges. The first African-American student was enrolled in the College of Law in September, 1958. Reitz's close relationship to the student body was instrumental in curbing attempts to resist the court order to integrate.

Reitz had more trouble, however, with state governors. He opposed LeRoy Collins' 1957 attempt to create a chancellor system, and he had to fight off attempts by other governors to assume control of the University's day-to-day operations. A 1965 showdown with Haydon Burns over budgetary matters almost ended in Reitz's resignation. In January 1967, after a year of relative calm, Reitz announced his resignation citing "presidential fatigue" as the reason. He stayed on until Stephen O'Connell was sworn in as the University's next president.

Reitz continued with his international activities after stepping down as President. In addition to his Latin American work, Reitz had been named to the Rockefeller Foundation's Board of Agricultural Consultants and, in 1964, he accepted an appointment to the Public Advisory Committee for Trade Negotiations. These responsibilities carried him to several nations as a teacher and advisor. His most extensive overseas assignment was to Mahidol University in Bangkok where he served as a consultant to the University Rector. After his retirement, Reitz became an important fund raiser for local charities as well as the University of Florida. He continued to work for the University of Florida Foundation's development office until his death on Christmas Eve 1993.

Scope and Content

Series P15 contains the personal correspondence, speeches and writings, lecture notes, and memorabilia of J. Wayne Reitz, fifth president of the University of Florida. Included in the correspondence are his letters while on special assignment with the Rockefeller Foundation in Southeast Asia from 1971 to 1974, letters from his days at Colorado State University where he was student body president, and letters as Professor of Agricultural Economics in the College of Agriculture and as an economic consultant to the United Growers and Shippers Association. There are three bound volumes containing letters of congratulations upon his appointment as president in 1955, his inauguration in 1956, and letters sent after his retirement in 1967. A complete register of his speeches and publications, with titles and dates, appears in the contents list.

An addendum to the collection includes daily calendars and two scrapbooks created by Frances Reitz. The calendars document events, appointments, and social gatherings for both Frances and J. Wayne Reitz. Likewise, the scrapbooks contain items pertaining to Frances, but the large majority of the materials cover the activities of J. Wayne Reitz and the University in general.

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Related or Separated Material

The University Archives also includes the official presidential records of Reitz: Series P14 - Office of the President - Administrative policy records, 1955-1967.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Papers of J. Wayne Reitz, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Contents List


1 Family history.
1 Invitations and programs.
1 Government employment.
1 Clippings.
1 High School and before.
1 Yearbook (Canon City High School).
1 Letters (upon resignation - 1967).
1 Two scrolls containing signatures.
1 Certificate of citation - Doctor of Humane Letters.
1 Passport (Mrs. Reitz).

Remarks, Speeches and Writings

2 Remarks.
3 On the Way to Salt Lake, Colorado Agricultural College. 1926
3 Equality for Japan, University of Wyoming-Laramie, Wyoming. April 30, 1927
3 Our Perpetual Task. April 5-6, 1928
3 The Marketing of Sour Cherries in Northern Colorado. 1930
3 Measures of Total Farm Efficiency for the Farm Management Investigator. 1935
3 Dedication of Student Union Building, Colorado Aggies. October 1936
3 The Year Ahead, Junior Chamber of Commerce. Mar. 1, 1937
3 George Washington-The Farmer, Father and Son Banquet-Future Farmers of America, Crescent City, Fl. April 9, 1937
3 Farm Layout Suggestions, WRUF. Aug. 18, 1937
3 Production Credit for Florida Citrus and Vegetable Growers, WRUF. Nov. 25, 1941
3 Farm Records, WRUF. Jan. 7, 1942
3 Agriculture During the War and Post-War Period. Feb. 1942
3 The Agricultural Policy of the United States, Athenaeum Club, UF. April, 17, 1942
3 Trend of the Livestock Market, WRUF. May 29, 1942
3 Trend of the Livestock Market, WRUF. July 24, 1942
3 Trend of the Livestock Market, WRUF. Aug. 21, 1942
3 Meat for America and her Allies, WRUF. Nov. 6, 1942
3 A Review of the Livestock Market, WRUF. Jan. 29, 1943
3 The Problem of Parity Prices. Mar. 1943
3 Agriculture in a World at War, Alpha Zeta. April, 1943
3 Labor and Material Requirements for Crops and Livestock. June 1943
3 Trends in the Livestock Market, WRUF. Sept. 24, 1943
3 Trends in the Livestock Market, WRUF. Oct. 22, 1943
3 Farm Real Estate Values in Florida. Nov. 1943
3 The Revised Fresh Citrus Price Regulation, WRUF. 1943
3 Florida Citrus in War and Peace, Annual Meeting of the Florida Citrus Production Credit Association, Orlando, Fl. Jan. 25, 1944
3 Agricultural Price Control and Food Subsidies, Florida Union Forum. Feb. 24, 1944
3 The Revised Fresh Citrus Price Regulation. March 1944
3 The Farm Real Estate Situation, WRUF. April 17, 1944
3 Florida Citrus Industry and Some Price Ceiling Problems, Gainesville, Fl. Rotary Club. May 9, 1944
3 A Plan to Revise Citrus Price Ceilings by Placing them on the Retail Level, United Annual Meeting. June 17, 1944
3 A Review of the 1943-44 Citrus Season to Date, WRUF. June, 26, 1944
3 The Small Grower with Reference to Cooperative and Independent Marketing Agencies, Citrus Institute, Clermont, Fl. Aug 25, 1944
3 Statement before the Agricultural Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee, 80th Congress, First Session. 1945
3 Statement before the Subcommittee of the Senate Committee on Agriculture and Forestry on Senate Bill 2173, 80th congress, Second Session. 1945
3 War-Time Price Control of Fresh Citrus Fruits. Aug. 1945
3 The United States Horticultural Council and the Future of Citrus Exports, fifty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society. Oct. 1945
3 Statement before the Banking and Currency Committee House of Representatives, 79th Congress, Second Session. 1946
3 Report on Trip to California. Feb. 16 -Mar. 3, 1946
3 The Future for Fresh Citrus. June 20, 1946
3 The Future for Fresh Citrus, Citrus Institute, Camp McQuarrie. Sept. 4, 1946
3 The Citrus Marketing Situation, Board of Directors, Lake County Farm Bureau. Dec. 2, 1946
3 The Place of Citrus Juices in the Foreign Relief Program. Nov. 28, 1947
3 The Future of Citrus Marketing, Citrus Institute, Camp McQuarrie, Fl. Aug. 27, 1947
3 World Trade, Tariffs, and Agriculture, Various service clubs in Central Florida. Jan.-Feb. 1947
3 Some Current Problems in the Marketing of Citrus Fruit, Rollins College Thirteenth Annual Economic conference, Winter Park, Fla. Jan, 1948
3 The Present Situation, 16th Annual citrus Growers Institute, Camp McQuarrie, Fl. Aug. 24, 1949
3 Marketing Agreements, Meeting of Association of Southern Agricultural Workers, Biloxi, Mississippi. Feb. 10, 1950
3 The Family Size Farms and Farm Ownership in a Democracy Cherry Lake Farm Institute. Aug. 1950
3 Commencement Remarks, Florida State Forest Ranger School. Sept. 1, 1950
3 Partial Mobilization and the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Industry. Oct. 31, 1950
3 Proposed Football Program Letter. Nov. 3, 1950
3 Partial Mobilization and the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Industry, Florida State Horticultural Society, Winter Haven. Oct. 31, 1950
3 Fresh Fruit and Future Citrus Production, Indian River Citrus Seminar, Ft. Pierce. Oct. 1950
3 Federal Grants-in-aid for Instruction in Agriculture and Mechanic Arts at Land-Grant Colleges and Universities. Circa 1950
3 What is a Land-Grant Institution?. Circa 1950
3 Working with our Latin American Neighbors in Agriculture, WRUF. 1950
3 Looking Forward in Florida Agriculture, WRUF, New Year. 1951
3 Excerpts from the talk of Dr. J. Wayne Reitz. Mar. 28, 1951
3 Agricultural Fairs, Land-Grant Colleges and Agricultural Progress, Conference of Fl. Fed. of Fairs Managers, Gainesville. May 19, 1951
3 Buildings for Agriculture. April 24, 1951
3 Free Enterprise in America, WRUF. September 3, 1951
3 Relation of the Agricultural Extension Service to the Functions of the College of Agriculture, Annual conference of county and Home Demonstration Agents, Gainesville, Fl. Oct. 9, 1951
3 Responsibilities of Agricultural Agencies to Florida Horticulture, Annual Meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society, West Palm Beach. Nov.1, 1951
3 What Can We Do in 1952, WRWP, New Years. 1952
3 Opportunities in the New Year, WRUF. Jan. 1, 1953
3 The Point IV Program and University of Florida, WRUF. June 12, 1952
3 Planning Industry Programs, Annual Meeting of Florida Citrus Mutual. June 17, 1952
3 Problems in Developing a Balanced Supply Program for Florida Citrus, Citrus Institute, Camp McQuarrie. Aug. 21, 1952
3 The Agricultural Extension Service and Its Relation to the Land-Grant College, Annual Extension conference, Gainesville. Oct. 7, 1952
3 The Role of Resource-Use Education in a University, Tallahassee, Fl. Feb. 25, 1953
3 Land Grant College System, Radio Talk for Tampa Station. July 1953
3 Yesterday, today, and Tomorrow, 29th Annual Meeting of the Florida State Council of Senior Home Demonstration Work. July 13, 1953
3 Florida Agriculture at Midyear, WRUF. July 22, 1953
3 Professional Ingredients of Agricultural Extension Workers Annual Agricultural Extension Conference, UF. Oct. 7, 1953
3 Pay Respects to Dr. J. Hillis Miller, Alumni Luncheon in Miami. Nov. 28, 1953
3 Labor Day Radio Talk. 1953, Sept. 7
3 New Year Radio Talk, WRUF. Jan.1, 1954
3 Some Thoughts on Labor, WRUF. Sept. 6, 1954
3 The Role of Technical Assistance in World Agriculture, Extension Conference. Oct. 6, 1954
3 Thanksgiving 1954, WRUF, Farm Hour. Nov. 25, 1954
3 Working with Our Latin American Neighbors in Agriculture. Not dated
3 Proposed Football Program Letter. 1950
3 Looking Forward in Florida Agriculture. Jan. 1, 1955
3 Presentation of Ralph Herbert Allee. May 27, 1946
3 The College of Agriculture and Garden Clubs Program. n.d.
3 Marketing Agreements for Fruits and Vegetables. n.d.
3 Florida Citrus Mutual. n.d.
3 What is the Florida Citrus Industry, Central Florida Citrus School. n.d.
3 Report of International Service Committee. n.d.
3 New Year's Address, WRUF. 1955
3 Florida's Diversified Agriculture and How Its Institutions Serve It, Southeastern Entomological Society, Tampa,Fl. Jan. 17, 1955
3 Radio Remarks of J. Wayne Reitz, for FBK Speakers Bureau. April 13, 1955
3 Address to AAUP, UF. May 15, 1955
3 Remarks to Graduating Class. June 6, 1955
3 Orientation Remarks before Summer Session. June 17, 1955
3 The Relation of Graduate Medical Education to the Graduate Program of the University, Short Course in Medicine, Jacksonville. June 22, 1955
3 Developing Leadership at the Local Level, FEA meeting, Daytona Beach. Aug. 10, 1955
3 Freshman Orientation. Sept., 14, 1955
3 The University of Florida and State Progress, Kiwanis Annual Convention, Fort Walton, Fl. Oct. 3, 1955
3 The University of Florida and the States Economic Progress, Florida Horticulture Society, Clearwater. Nov. 2, 1955
3 Christmas Message. Dec. 11, 1955
3 They Who Have Seen the Stars, Scholarship Convocation (2 copies). Dec. 13, 1955
3 Synchronization of Land Resource Use With Economic Growth in Southeast, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Atlanta, Ga. Dec. 28, 1955
4 Christmas Message. 1956
4 Free Enterprise and Higher Education, Jacksonville Rotary. Jan. 9, 1956
4 A State University Responds to the Needs of Society, Inaugural Address, Inaugural Address. Feb. 17, 1956
4 Commencement Remarks delivered before the graduating class of Escuela Agricola Panamericana, Tegucigalpa, Hon. Mar. 4, 1956
4 Universities and the Chemical Industry, National Chemicals Association, Hollywood, Fla. March 14, 1956
4 Grove of Educators of the Americas-St. Augustine, Fl. April 16, 1956
4 Journey to the Stars, Graduating Class of Tusculum College, Greenville, Tenn. May 20, 1956
4 Higher Education and Social Progress, Rotary Club, St. Petersburg, Fl. Aug. 8, 1956
4 Freshman Orientation Address. Sept. 12, 1956
4 Changing Needs in Education, FEA Area Meeting, Lake City, Fl. Sept. 24, 1956
4 Dedication Address, Medical Science Building. Oct. 13, 1956
4 Some Responsibilities of Higher Education, Southeastern Section of National Temple Brotherhoods, Miami Beach, Fl. Jan. 6, 1957
4 Statement on University College Study for THIS IS FLORIDA. Mar. 25, 1957
4 Admission Procedures and Experiences at the University of Florida, Annual meeting of National Association of State Universities, New York, NY. May 7, 1957
4 Journey to the Stars, Alabama Polytechnic Institute. June 4, 1957
4 Alumni Responsibility to ALMA Matter, University of Miami. June 10, 1957
4 "Should You Enter College?", All Florida Magazine. Aug. 4, 1957
4 Football, Miami Herald. Aug. 22, 1957
4 Remarks of Pre-School Planning Conference,, Eustis, Fla. Aug. 23, 1957
4 Welcome to Freshmen. Sept. 18, 1957
4 New Discoveries, Fifth Annual Inter-American Observance Honoring Christopher Columbus, Miami, Fl. Oct. 12, 1957
4 Blue Key Speech, Homecoming. Oct. 18, 1957
4 So We May Better Understand, State Conference of PTA, Orlando, Fl. Nov. 6, 1957
4 Notes for General Assembly. Dec. 2, 1957
4 University of Florida Wave Tank Dedication. Dec. 3, 1957
4 Do not Open Until Christmas, Campus. Dec. 15, 1957
4 The Jewel of Liberty, Twentieth Century Club Patriotic Luncheon. Feb. 12, 1958
4 Faculty Assembly. Mar. 3, 1958
4 Remarks before graduating class, Mercer University. June 2, 1958
4 Article (no name), Gainesville Daily Sun. June 5, 1958
4 Memorial Program for Claude L. Murphree. June 22, 1958
4 Welcome to Freshmen. Sept, 1958
4 Blue Key Banquet Remarks. Oct. 17, 1958
4 The Living Fountain, Palm Beach Junior College. Nov. 16, 1958
4 They Saw a Star, Christmas on Campus. Dec. 14, 1958
4 A Report on Agricultural Education in the Union of Burma with Special regard to the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Mandalay. Sept, 16, 1959
4 Reconstruction of Some Notes Given at Exchange Club. Jan. 26, 1959
4 Foreign Students can Build International Relations, PTA magz. Mar. 1959
4 General Assembly. Mar.2, 1959
4 Statements of J. Wayne Reitz, Released to the press. April, 26, 1959
4 Florida Association of Broadcaster' Banquet. April 27, 1959
4 Mississippi State University Commencement. May 26, 1959
4 Jacksonville University Commencement Speech. June 6, 1959
4 Remarks at Commencement. June 8, 1959
4 Remarks, Florida Blue Key Banquet. Oct. 23, 1959
4 Christmas on Campus. Dec. 13, 1959
4 Remark of J. Wayne Reitz. Circa 1959
4 What is the Future of Liberal Arts College in a University?, American Association of Colleges (2 copies). Jan. 13, 1960
4 Foreword. Jan. 22, 1960
4 Research and Education-Fountainhead of Progress, Association of Southern Agricultural Workers, Birmingham, Ala. Feb. 2, 1960
4 General Assembly. March 31, 1960
4 Questions. n.d.
4 Remarks, Thirteenth Annual Art Symposium, Sarasota, Fl. April 24, 1960
4 Central Florida Jr. College Speech, Ocala. June 3, 1960
4 Summer Lecture Series, Impressions of South Asia. July 7, 1960
4 Remarks to Class of 1964. Sept. 13, 1960
4 Invocation at Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association, Miami. Sept. 27, 1960
4 Homecomings. 1957-60
4 The Change and Challenge of the 60's, National Association of County Agents, Miami, Fl. Oct. 31, 1960
4 Forestry and University. 25th Anniversary Celebration of the School of Forestry of UF. Nov. 2, 1960
4 Future Adult Education Programs in the Land-Grant College, Extension Section, Association of Land-Grant colleges and State Universities, Washington, D.C. Nov. 16, 1960
4 Remarks-General Assembly. Dec. 20, 1960
4 What Do You Want for Christmas?. Dec. 20, 1960
4 Address given generally several times during 1961
4 Legislature. 1961
4 Society of American Foresters, Southeastern Section. Jan. 12 1961
4 Sanford Chamber of Commerce annual Banquet. Jan. 19, 1961
4 Commencement Remarks. Jan. 28, 1961
4 University College Faculty Statement. Apr. 25, 1961
4 A Challenge for Our Times, Commencement Convocation, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado. June 10, 1961
4 Compass. June 1961
4 Statement, Congressional Committee, Washington. June 17, 1961
4 Senate Meeting and General Assembly. June 22, 1961
4 The Symbol of Sigma Chi, Miami Beach, Fl. Nov. 7, 1961
4 Remarks to Freshmen. Sept. 19, 1961
4 Remarks, Blue Key Banquet. Oct. 27, 1961
4 Farm Bureau Federation, Miami, Fl. Jun. 28, 1961
4 Christmas on Campus. Dec. 17, 1961
4 Commencement Remarks. Feb. 1962
4 General Assembly. Mar. 29, 1962
4 Quest for Quality, First Annual Jacksonville Alumni Club Scholarship Banquet. May 3, 1962
4 Democracy-Its Rights and Responsibilities, Brevard Junior College. June 1, 1962
4 Commencement Remarks, Graduation UF. June 11, 1962
4 Remarks, WUFT film. June, 1962
4 Commencement Remarks. Aug. 11, 1962
4 Legislative Appreciation Day Remarks. Sept. 29, 1962
4 Survey of State-University Relationships. 1964
4 Speech on Film Discussing Campus. Jan. 23, 1963
4 Statement before Legislative Council Committee on Higher Education. Feb. 18, 1963
4 Statement on Senate Bill II. Feb. 19, 1963
4 Water as an Economic Resource. Feb. 1963
4 General Assembly Remarks. Mar. 19, 1963
4 Mother of the Year Presentation-Jacksonville. April 29, 1963
4 Jacksonville Alumni Club Scholarship Night. May 16, 1963
4 Statement on Building Fund Appropriation, 1963 Legislature. May 25, 1963
4 Worthy Citizens of a Free Society, Pensacola Junior College. June 7, 1963
4 Rotary Club, Ocala. November 4, 1963
4 Death of President Kennedy, Memorial Convocation. Nov. 25, 1963
4 Christmas on Campus Message. Dec. 1963
4 Speech for American Alumni Council, District 3 conference, Clearwater, Fl. Jan. 22, 1964
4 President Report, Southeastern Conference. Jan, 1964
4 Times and Tribune Scholarship Speech. April 13, 1964
4 Pasco High School Honors Awards Dinner. May 8, 1964
4 Remarks to Freshmen (outline and speech). Sept. 3, 1964
4 The Past and Future in Cooperative Extension Work, Annual Extension Conference. Sept. 15, 1964
4 Cape Kennedy Ground Breaking for Genesys, Cape Kennedy, Fl. Sept. 10, 1964
4 Genesys Ground Breaking Ceremony at Orlando. Sept. 14, 1964
4 Changing Role of the University. Oct. 17, 1964
4 Naval Stores Conference. Oct. 19, 1964
4 Born to Make Men Free, Christmas on Campus. Dec. 6, 1964
4 Remarks at the Inauguration of Harry Philpott, Auburn University. 1965
4 President's Column for Compass. May 5, 1965
4 President's Column for Compass. Mar. 1965
4 President's Letter for Compass. July 1965
4 The Meaning of Christmas. Dec. 5, 1965
4 EOA Funds for College, Radio Talk for SREB. Jan. 21, 1965
4 The Role of A Land Grant University, County Commissioners and County Agricultural Agents. Feb. 4, 1965
4 The Role of A President of a Combined State University and Land-Grant College. Feb. 1965
4 Dedication of Keystone Heights Municipal Building. Feb. 14, 1965
4 Commencement Remarks. April, 1965
4 Remarks St. Petersburg Junior College. May 7, 1965
4 Abraham Baldwin College Address Commencement. June 5, 1965
4 Greetings of the Council of Presidents Installation of Chancellor J. Broward Culpepper, Tallahassee. July 1, 1965
4 Remarks to Freshmen. Sept. 1, 1965
4 Remarks at Annual Meeting of Florida Federation of Women's Clubs, Lakeland. Sept. 23, 1965
4 Legislative Appreciation Day. Sept. 25, 1965
4 Blue Key Banquet-Homecoming. Oct. 15, 1965
4 The Meaning of Christmas. Dec. 5, 1965
4 Compass, President's Column. Jan. 1966
4 Remarks at Orange County Alumni Assn. Banquet, Orange County. Feb. 17, 1966
4 Remarks, Melbourne, Fl. Apr. 15, 1966
4 Concluding Remarks, Commencement. April 4, 1966
4 Remarks to Freshmen. Sept. 1966
4 Freedom and Responsibility, Meninak Club, Jacksonville. Sept. 12, 1966
4 Alumni Club Presidents Luncheon. Sept. 24, 1966
4 Outline of speech to all Academic Personnel of the Florida Agricultural Extension Service, UF. Sept. 29, 1966
4 State-University Relations in the Budget Making Process, Lexington, Kentucky. Oct. 3, 1966
4 General Assembly. Nov. 1, 1966
4 Christmas on Campus. Dec. 4, 1966
4 The Purposes of A University, Interfraternity Council Banquet. Mar. 5, 1967
4 Discussion with Students. Mar. 13, 1967
4 Remarks at the Inauguration of President Bruce Wilson, Florida Junior College, Jacksonville, Fl. Mar. 14, 1967
4 Education and Agricultural Development. Apr. 14, 1967
4 Commencement 1967, Concluding Remarks. 1967
4 Remarks, University Senate Meeting. Aug. 3, 1967
4 This is Florida (3 copies). 1959-60
4 The Federal Role in Law School Clinical Experience Programs, Appalachian Legal Services Conference, University of Tennessee. July 24-26, 1969
4 The Federal Government and Continuing Education in the Seventies, NUEA Spectator. June-July, 1970
4 Statement, Constitution Revision Commission. Sept. 26, 1977
4 Testimony of J. Wayne Reitz on HR275. Mar. 7, 1984
5 Professional Education. Not dated
5 Untitled Speeches (47 copies). Not dated
5 Draft Remarks for Alumni association Presidents Luncheon, Oct. 2. Not dated
5 Legislative Appreciation Day. Not dated
5 Governance and Administration of Higher Education. Not dated
5 Remarks St. Petersburg Junior College, May 7. Not dated
5 Agriculture during the War and Post-War Period. Not dated
5 Cooperation, Florida State Dairymen's Association, Gainesville Fl.. Not dated
5 Speech for Economic Counsel for the United Growers and Shippers Association, Orlando,Fl. Not dated
5 Educational Structure in Burma as related to Agricultural Education. Not dated
5 Labor and Material Requirements for Florida Vegetable Crops. Not dated
5 The Place of the Victory Garden in Our War Effort. Not dated
5 Post-War Planning for Full Employment and How the Individual can Assist in such planning. Not dated
5 A Program for Training Men for the Florida Citrus Industry at UF. Not dated
5 The Proposed Loan to Great Britain. Not dated
5 The Revised Fresh Citrus Price Regulation. Not dated
5 Some Problems in Farm Price Support and Surplus Removal Programs. Not dated
5 Interviews.
5 Sunday school sermons.
5 Class papers--Colorado State, Illinois, Wisconsin.
5 Course lectures, University of Florida, 1938.
5 Student welcomes.


5 Special assignment to Thailand and Vietnam, correspondence.
6 Special assignment to Thailand and Vietnam, correspondence and journals.
6 Correspondence. Not dated
6 Correspondence from Edith Pitts.
6 Correspondence. 1925-1935
7 Correspondence. 1936-1954
7 Correspondence. 1967-1977
8 Correspondence. 1978-
8 Correspondence - Agriculture Hall of Fame. 1993-1994
8 Correspondence - Later correspondence to J. Wayne Reitz and to and from Marjorie Reitz Turnbull. 1967-1995
8 Correspondence - Related to the Presidency. 1967-1990
8 Correspondence - Rockefeller Foundation. 1971-1982
8 Vol. 1 Letters of appreciation upon his appointment as president of the University of Florida. 1955
8 Vol. 2 Letters of congratulation at his inauguration. 1956
8 Vol. 3 Letters received when he resigned from the presidency (See also Box 1). 1967


9 Engagement Calendars of Frances Reitz, 1954-1966 (11 vols.). Containing the dates and times of various events, appointments, and social gatherings for both Frances and J. Wayne Reitz. Some of the pages are filled with lists of people's names, menus, and tasks needing to be done. In general, the information in the engagement calendars give a good indication of the activities of the wife of a President during that time period. Some interesting entries of note: Oct. 18, 1956 - "In one year entertained in our house 8449 at parties"; May 25, 1957 - " Campbell Affair in Tally"; April 1, 1964 - "The Dicennium Dinner and Ceremony in Wayne's honor...".
10 Scrapbooks (2): "1962-1965" and "1965-1967." Primarily contain news clippings, but also includes brochures, notes, theatre and concert programs, invitations, and greeting cards. The scrapbooks were assembled by Frances Millikan Reitz and primarily cover the activities of both she and her husband. In addition, the materials cover a number of UF events and activities, including ceremonies and meetings, new buildings, sports events, and students, faculty and staff..

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