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A Guide to the Records of the University of Florida Social Sciences Division, 1960-1975

Finding aid created by Dept. Staff

University of Florida Smathers Libraries - Special and Area Studies Collections
September 2006

Descriptive Summary

Creator: University of Florida. Division of Social Sciences. Office of the Director.
Title: Records of the University of Florida Social Sciences Division
Dates: 1960-1975
Abstract: This series documents the leadership of Manning Dauer of the three entities within the College of Arts and Sciences: the Social Sciences Division, the Social Sciences Council, and the Social Sciences Institute.
Extent: 2.1 Linear feet. 5 boxes.
Identification: Series 40
Language(s): English

Biographical/Historical Note

The Social Sciences Division was an administrative unit in the College headed by a Director who reported to the Dean. Membership consisted of the chairs of the departments of Anthropology, Geography, Speech, Psychology, Political Science, and Sociology. The Division's purpose was to submit recommendations to the Dean on matters of interest to the social sciences within the College. The Director served on the College Advisory Council, voted on all tenure and promotion of College faculty members, presided over bi-weekly meetings of College division heads, and performed other coordinating duties.

The Social Sciences Council was a joint creation of the College and the University College. The Council chair and vice-chair were appointed by the Deans of both Colleges. Members of the Council, in addition to the six department chairs mentioned above, included chairs of the University College's Social Sciences and Behavioral Sciences departments, the chair of the History Department, directors of the Communications Sciences Laboratory, the Latin American Center, the Center for African Studies. Liaison members included chair of the Department of Economics and a member of the Department of Statistics' faculty. The Council was established in 1964 when the Regan Report recommended councils be established which cut across departmental lines. On July 6, 1964, Robert B. Mautz, Vice President for Academic Affairs called a meeting to explore the possibility of establishing such a council for the social sciences. Attendees included, among others, Lyle McAlister, Manning Dauer, Charles Fairbanks, and Herbert Doherty.

The Social Sciences Institute comprised the same membership as the Council. The Institute's primary goal was to facilitate research and publication for younger faculty. Between 1965 and 1974, 77 faculty members received monies for summer salary stipends, graduate assistants, supplies, travel, publication and computer-related costs. Faculty in the Departments of Anthropology, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Speech, Economics, History, and the Social Sciences Department of the University College were eligible. The Institute received a half-time director in 1975 funded through the Division of Sponsored Research. The Institute was patterned on the Institute of Social Research at the University of North Carolina.

In July, 1975, Merle Meyer, Chair of the Department of Psychology became the Social Sciences Division Director. Victor A. Thompson began a two year term (1975-77) as chair of the Political Science Department. Manning Dauer returned to research and teaching full-time. The series ends at this time.

Scope and Content

This series documents three entities within the College of Arts and Sciences: the Social Sciences Division, the Social Sciences Council, and the Social Sciences Institute. The series documents the leadership of Manning Dauer who directed all three entities plus held the chairmanship of the Political Science Department until 1975. (See Council meeting file Feb. 5, 1975). It contains extensive program information of the departments of Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, Psychology, Social Sciences (University College), Speech, Statistics, Urban Studies and the Center of Latin America. Also documented is the development of interdisciplinary studies and the advocacy of better support for social sciences research and teaching.

The series contains departmental files arranged alphabetically, general subject files of the Council, Council meeting files, and general subject files for the Institute. Record types include correspondence, agendas, memoranda, reports, budgets, etc. Summaries of grant awards can be found in the Institute subject folders.

Access or Use Restrictions


The collection is open for research.

Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Records of the University of Florida Social Sciences Division, Special and Area Studies Collections, George A. Smathers Libraries, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida.

Contents List

Departmental Files

1 Anthropology. 1961-68
1 Anthropology, Correspondence. 1965-75
1 Anthropology, Budget. 1966
1 Anthropology, Budget. 1967-68
1 Anthropology, Kimball Paper
1 Center for Latin American Studies. 1969-74
1 College of Arts and Sciences, Social Science Depts., Budget Reports. 1969-71
1 CAS, Positions. 1967
1 Economics. 1970-75
1 Economics/Urban. 1973-75
1 Geography. 1965-74
1 Geography, Budget. 1966
1 Geography, Organization Chart. 1968
1 Geography-Economics Course Overlap. 1972
1 Geography, Staff Meetings. 1969-71
1 History. 1961-75
1 Political Science, Budget. 1966
1 Political Science, Budget. 1968-69
1 Psychology. 1966
1 Psychology. 1967-74
1 Psychology, Budget. 1966
1 Psychology, Budget. 1967-68
1 Social Sciences. 1974-75
1 Social Sciences, Accreditation. 1971
1 Social Sciences, Added Space. 1965-66
1 Social Sciences, Budget. 1965
1 Social Sciences, Budget. 1968-69
1 Social Sciences, Budget, New Faculty. 1965
1 Social Sciences, Budget Requests. 1967-68
1 Social Sciences, Fourth Quarter. 1967
1 Social Sciences, Future Development. 1966
2 Social Sciences, Future Planning. 1966
2 Social Sciences, Position Classification. 1965-66
2 Social Sciences, Positions. 1965-66
2 Social Sciences, Report of Activities. 1967
2 Social Sciences, Report on Budget. 1966
2 Social Sciences, Requests for Additional Positions. 1967-68
2 Sociology. 1969-75
2 Sociology, Budget. 1966
2 Sociology, Evaluation. 1967
2 Sociology, Instructional Equipment
2 Speech. 1965-75
2 Speech, Organization. 1973
2 Speech, Institute for Advanced Study of the Communications Processes. 1974-75
2 Statistics. 1971
2 Urban Studies. 1971-75

Social Sciences Council

2 Bryan Letter. 1974
2 Bureaucratic Red Tape/Paper Jungle. 1975
2 Center for Asian Studies
2 Correspondence. 1964
3 Correspondence. 1965
3 Correspondence. 1966-68
3 Correspondence. 1968-71
3 Correspondence. 1974-75
3 Current Research. 1972-73
3 Curriculum Committee. 1973
3 Departmental Charts. 1970-72
3 Doughty Report (Social Science Research). 1973
3 Established. 1964
3 Faculty/GA Workloads. 1975
3 Finance. 1971-74
3 Formula Funding. 1975
3 General Electric Educational Incentive. 1970
3 Graters Memo, re: University College. 1975
3 Interdisciplinary Interests. 1972-73
3 ITT-Bernstein Proposal. 1975
3 Law and Social Science Program. 1972
3 Marston. 1974
3 Members. 1969-70
3 Members. 1970-71
3 Members. 1972-73
3 Needs for Consultation with Statistics Department. 1965
3 Organization Chart. 1975
3 Priorities Reports. 1975
3 Programming. Planning, and Budgeting. 1971-72
3 Program Memoranda - Anthropology. 1971
3 Program Memoranda - Black Culture. 1971
3 Program Memoranda - Geography. 1971
3 Program Memoranda - Political Science. 1971
3 Program Memoranda - Psychology. 1971
3 Program Memoranda - Urban Studies. 1971
3 Proposal, Asst. Dir.for Social Science, DSR. 1975
4 Proposal for Institute of Social Research. 1966
4 Quarterly Meeting Schedules. 1966-75
4 Reorganization. 1975
4 Report on Social Science Grants. 1967
4 Report, Status of Research, Social Sciences
4 Report to Dean on Special Problems. 1967
4 Research Scouting. 1972
4 Salaries. 1974-75
4 Shannon Project Facilitator. 1975
4 Social Science Research Major, A. B.Clubok. 1974
4 Space Needs. 1973
4 Special Report (FTE). 1974
4 Statement on University in relation to State of Florida (Dauer). 1975
4 Studies in the Social Sciences. 1974
4 Taskforce Reports to Social Sciences Joint Council of University College and College of Arts and Sciences. 1973
4 Upward Bound. 1969-71
4 Urban and Regional Development Center Grant Award. 1973
4 Social Science Council Meetings. 1/6/70 - 1/10/73
5 Social Science Council Meetings. 2/19/73 - 6/12/75

Social Science Institute

5 Appraisal Committee. 1975
5 Awards. 1967-74
5 Awards (outside UF). 1964-69
5 Award Summary. 1965-74
5 Correspondence. 1960
5 Correspondence. 1967-70
5 Correspondence. 1972-73
5 Correspondence. 1973-74
5 Criteria Statements. 1970-75
5 Departmental Proposals. 1966
5 Forms. 1967-70
5 Policy Statement. 1969
5 Renewal of funding. 1968-69
5 Renewal of funding. 1971
5 Renewal of funding. 1972-73
5 Renewal of funding. 1973-74
5 Request for funds. 1971
5 Screening Committee. 1970

Selected Subjects and Access Terms

Dauer, Manning Julian, 1909-

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