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Production number 27b

Production title:  [Design, Building Plans and Construction of the Florida State Museum, part 2]

Production date:  ca. 1970

Black and white

Total running time:  00:23:35

Available in VHS, DVD, and Sony DV-cam.

Derived from 16 mm film.

The film begins with a view of the construction site and focuses on close and distant views.


0:00    Blank

0:26    Construction site seen from above


    Various views of site

    View of the UF campus beyond the recessed building site

    Tire tracks from trucks and other heavy vehicles

    View of Beaty Towers and the WRUF building

3:26    Views of construction workers doing various tasks at the site

5:17    Overview of the construction site

5:20    Road beside construction site with a truck

    Men shown walking toward a trailer on the site

6:11    Constructions workers

6:20 View from above showing work in process as well as the completed work

    Equipment at site

    Huge ground floor area

    Cement mixer traveling on road

7:25    Man looks through surveying lense

    Workers carry metal pipes at site

    View of workers from a short distance away

    Distant view of site

8:50    View of site from above

9:20    Views of workers at various tasks and crane in operation

12:45    Cement mixer and men overseeing its operation - the name Denny is on the side of the mixer

15:00    View from a distance of the entire construction site with the road, cars, the tall building, and workers

16:03    A closer view of the site again with alternating both distant and close up views

    Views of men using equipment or manual tools to smooth wet cement

    Other building activity

23:35    Film ends


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