The photocopy and printing services contract for the George A Smathers Libraries has been awarded to
Xerox Business Services effective May 1, 1998.  As part of the contract with the libraries, Xerox will be
providing over 80 photocopiers throughout the campus libraries.  The majority of the copiers will be
Bookmark 35 (Type 1) models equipped with book saver edges and designed to meet the basic
photocopying needs of the libraries.  In addition, the Architecture and Fine Arts Library, Library West, the
Marston Science Library, the Health Science Center Library, and the Legal Information Center will also be
supplied with Xerox Model 5837 (Type II) copiers which will allow for reduction and enlargement as well as
two-sided copying.  There will be one color copier located in the Marston Science Library.

Xerox will also be responsible for computer and microform based printing within the libraries.  For
computer printing, Xerox will implement a networked printing solution that will allow for printing at
virtually all library public workstations.  At the outset, microform based printing will reflect the status quo,
but as technologies advance, the libraries and Xerox will negotiate to make the latest advances in
scanning and digitalization available to UF faculty, staff, and students.

As part of the contract, all photocopy machines are designed to accept both coin and photocopy cards.
The new photocopy cards will be blue and will feature an orange Gator on the front.  The cards will be used
for all photocopying and printing within the libraries and can be purchased at any library locations.  In
addition, change machines will be located next to all vending card dispensers.  The cards will cost $1.00
and will come encoded with $.70 worth of copies on them.  Cards may be re-used, and value can be added
onto the cards at any photocopier or at the automatic debit machines located in each location.  The
automatic debit machines may be used to transfer money from a Gator1 card directly to the librariesí
vending card.

The cost per copy is as follows:
Type 1
Type II
11 x17
11 x 17
Microform-Based Printing 
Computer-Based Printing 

Due to a variety of legal issues, the university was not able to award the contract to Xerox until a couple
of days before it was to take effect.  Given the timing of the award coupled with the fact that all
photocopiers are new and are being manufactured to meet the librariesí specifications, it was impossible
for Xerox to bring all 80+ machines at once.  As a result, Xerox provided the libraries with a minimum
number of machines and free copies (at their own expense) until additional equipment could be installed.
We expect to have all aspects of the new photocopy and printing contract operational by the end of June.
To help meet the needs of the libraries and patrons, to process departmental purchase orders, and to
guarantee rapid maintenance response Xerox will staff offices in both Marston Science Library and the
Health Science Center Library.  They have dedicated an exceptional team of managers and technicians to
oversee and maintain the specifics of this contract.   It is the goal of both the libraries and Xerox to ensure
all machines are fully functional and providing quality copies at all times the libraries are open.  The
libraries are very excited about the commitment that Xerox has made to UF and to the services they will be
providing.  We are looking forward to our future relationship with them and are confident that together we
will meet your photocopying and printing needs.

Gary Cornwell, H&SS


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