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Public Services Steering Committee
February 19, 2003

Members Present:    Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Jan Swanbeck and Carol Turner

  1. Update – Library West Building Plans
    • Updated information is going back to the architects today. They should provide a revised set of plans by March 4th.
      • 1st floor – Staff, compact shelving
      • 2nd floor – Main entrance, Access Services, Circulation Desk, Classroom
      • 3rd floor – Reference desk, microforms, service desks, user space
      • 4th floor – Human Resources, user space
      • 5th floor – Administration, H&SSS and CM offices, staff lounge
      • 6th floor – quiet study
    • Designing the entrance way has proven to be a challenge for the architects.
    • There are still decisions to be made about parking, landscape, book drop placement, and possible café.
    • Groundbreaking is scheduled for Spring 2004.
    • Planning for a storage facility begins tomorrow in anticipation of the Library getting the DOT building.
    • Library staff met with the CIRCA staff at OAT and toured their lab. The HUB is going to become a Technology Union. It will have an Internet Café and more sophisticated computer rooms. The food court will remain. OAT will be touring the DLC soon. The library is looking to coordinate what we do in the library with what OAT is doing so that we can approach the provost for additional funding. We are working closely with CIRCA to determine the kind of technology we want in our study rooms and what software/hardware we want on multimedia computers. There will not be a separate CIRCA lab in the library. However we do it, it would be invisible. Library computers would mostly be the same aside from multimedia machines. The computers in CIRCA are set up to support a lab which is different than what a library supports. If we try to put everything on our computers that’s on their lab computers we would become a lab as opposed to a library. We had only envisioned office suite going on library computers and additional hardware on the multimedia machines. The library currently has 100 computers and is planning for 200. If we do not get the money we are looking for from Tigert or OAT then the 100 anticipated computer seats would become user space. Decisions about computers will impact LeiLani Freund’s group. Bill Covey believes that with the new computers we will be able to load software from the server and not have to do imaging so LeiLani’s group may become more “techi” in terms of software support.

  2. Update – Aleph, SFX/MetaLib – Rich Bennett


    • The Aleph implementation is not progressing as planned. The May 12th implementation date is in serious doubt. FCLA has been working with ExLibris to overcome problems related to indexing and the placement of heading links. A review of a subset for all authorities has not been possible.
    • A meeting has been scheduled with FCLA on March 5th to discuss the implementation calendar. FCLA has advanced system training next week with ExLibris.
    • When introductory training is done for searching the GUI Client and WEB OPAC it is based on the training database and the native interface. It is not precisely what we will see after implementation. It includes some functionality, such as, the ability to save sessions on the server for future reviews. It includes additional functionality that we hope will ultimately be available but may not be available day one. There are server implications significant enough that we might expect that not all types of functions will be available day one.
    • The data reviews that we have been able to complete have been good. They have been working on loading the full load of data. The indexing and linking hasn’t been able to be completed.
    • Functional training is on schedule in terms of ExLibris’ responsibilities for train the trainer training. Prerequisite training is complete for the individuals who will attend the various functional training. Functional training for Circulation is complete. Functional training for Acquisitions is today, Cataloging will be on March 4&5, and Serials will be on March 26&27.
    • Individuals who attended the Circulation training will be meeting soon to develop a local training plan.
    • WEB OPAC – Lisa Tatum and BJ Perkins at FCLA are attempting to integrate suggestions made by the Joint Community College/State University Committee (Rich co-chaired) into native interface. Working on this has proven to be a big learning curve. There are approximately 400 files per institution in the WEB OPAC that have and have to be changed separately. That doesn’t mean that every single file has to be touched but FCLA does have to find the right file to touch. The WEB OPAC they have been working on is not in any condition to show. Rich is not sure that there is anything we can do before implementation that will prevent some problems from occurring after implementation. There are some things about the native design of ALEPH that are not as good as what we have with WEB LUIS. Other institutions have done a considerable amount of web development work to modify ALEPH. By doing that, each time there is an upgrade in ALEPH they will have to go back and make the same modifications again. Day one of implementation we want things to function and retrieve results well, whether the interface element will be satisfactory remains to be seen.
    • Rich is drafting a document to distribute pertaining to course reserves. ALEPH did not have a way on their own to migrate our NOTIS course reserves records. FCLA figured out a way to do it. In order for us to take advantage of this preparation work would have to be done. We would have to agree on standardization and update all of our records. Rich should be sending out information related to this within the next couple of days.
    • There is an unused field in the NOTIS records. Ann suggested that we activate that field and put the UF ID number in it so that they will be there for migration. This would not replace the SS# field. We are making plans to do this.
    • Provisional records will migrate.


    • On April 28th – 29th or 29th –30th there will be two days of training in Tallahassee for the northern institutions.
    • LeiLani and Rich sat in on the training that FCLA received in December. They are not sure if they need attend the training session in Tallahassee.
    • In the ALEPH catalog when you are looking at, for example serials record the SFX button should appear and when selected it should connect to E-journal information. It should help to interrelate our e-journals list and our catalog records without actually modifying the catalog record to include all those aggregator links. This capability may not be there day one of implementation.
    • Rich should be notified when the e-journal list brings up records that do not have full text. He will attempt to figure out the problem and report that information to Serials Solutions.

    UF Web Portal

    • The UF Web portal is in development. Rich is attending a meeting for this today. It is associated with the ERP and PeopleSoft. With the WEB portal, staff who now log into the Dean’s menu would log into the web portal. The idea is that students, staff and faculty members would use their gator link id and password to log onto a personalized environment based on their set of authorizations. It would serve as a complete service portal for our graduate students and faculty members and would provide them with another approach to library resources.
    • The library would have a page on which we could feature news.
    • A quiet roll out is scheduled for March 31st.
    • Gary Cornwell noted that a number of members are still showing the secondary proxy because of problems with the forward and back buttons. Several calls have come in from people saying they cannot access databases. After talking them through the process it is discovered that they clicked the back button, which throws them out of the proxy. Rich has not been notified previously about this problem. Rich said they should be able to use the forward and back button and that a problem should only occur if they hit the home button or if they try to type in a new URL. Rich asked Gary to send him an example the next time he hears about a problem.

  3. Reports and Announcements
    • Rod Uecker from MSL has accepted a position in Conservation Binding.
    • Lynn LaBeauve announced that she is retiring at the end of June.
    • MSL L308 is reserved this semester as well as the summer semester for ALEPH training. A calendar is being put up for that room. Rich Bennett should be contacted to schedule events in MSL L308.

  4. Organizational Issues – Approaches to the Discussion
      • What are basic PS functions
      • Other functions performed by PS staff
        1. Systems liaison/equipment maintenance
        2. Technical processing
        3. Collection management
        4. Publications/web design/marketing
          • Web design unit would be good centralized.
        5. Digitization of collection material, ILL, course reserves
          • It would be helpful to know the mission of the DLC and how it involves other departments.
          • Is the DLC still going to generate its own grant money or is it going to become a functional part of the library?
          • Is it a cost recovery unit?
          • Work does need to be done on digitization standards but not necessarily centralization. It would be helpful to know what they have in mind for the digital library.
      • Centralized vs. decentralized or broadly participative/”volunteer” functions
        1. Circulation
        2. Interlibrary loan
        3. Course reserves
            Centralizing some aspects of course reserves may be a good idea however putting it in an area like DLC that is not public service oriented doesn’t seem to be a good idea.
        4. Instruction – basic introductory vs. specialized
        5. Reference – desk based, electronic and chat
        6. Periodicals processing and assistance

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