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Public Services Steering Committee
January 15, 2003

Members Present:    Gary Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Jan Swanbeck, and Carol Turner

  1. Public Services statistics – Sample Days
    • Carol Turner handed out sampling statistics data sheets. She is working with Education, Special Collections, and LAC to gather missing information. Sampling results indicate that staff may not be counting consistently and that the sampling days technique may not be working.
    • Carol is trying to devise a plan for computations at the end of the year. One idea she suggested would be to come up with an average number for each category for each unit, record that number and multiply it by the number of days the department was open. Carol Drum noted that the gate count was not included in the report Carol distributed. She noted that it might be helpful to analyze stats with gate count to configure a formula. Carol Turner asked the committee members to review the sampling statistics data sheets and forward any suggestion they might have to her.
    • Carol Turner asked if a sample week would work better for staff than sampling days. Jan Swanbeck is in favor of a sample week because the sample days tend to sneak up and if a reminder isn’t sent staff tend to forget. Lori Driscoll noted that full counting every day would not work in Access Services. It was noted that no method is going to be 100% accurate.
    • The sampling days technique will continue for the remainder of this year. Committee members should begin thinking about the process. This subject will be revisited in the Spring.
    • The sampling day statistics do not include RefExpress and emails recorded there.

  2. Scanning ILL Requests on Site
    • Lori Driscoll has requested new equipment to allow scanning of ILL requests at the site where the materials are located. Currently, the material must be photocopied at the location and brought back to ILL for scanning. This process creates double work and photocopying charges. One option would be to put scanners with Ariel software at each location. This is expensive because Ariel software costs approximately $1000 per location. Another option is to purchase high quality scanning equipment for each location. This would alleviate double work and photocopying charges and the location might possibly find other uses for the scanners. Lori suggested possibly going with the less expensive option of scanning with Acrobat until we know what FCLA is doing with the LMS. Gary Cornwell suggested that demands on equipment at each location be reviewed. Carol Drum pointed out that ERC and Ariel may not function well on the same workstation. The committee decided Ariel should be installed on a workstation in Education and that a survey of the use of equipment in other locations should be completed to see which needs updated scanner. The committee agreed that probably all locations would need an updated scanner. If Ariel works well in Education other locations such as AFA will be considered.
    • How does activating a new card effect a patron’s ILL transaction that is already in progress? If they already have an ILLIAD account already set up the account is based on the card number used when the account was established. When the patron attempts to log in to an existing account using a new card they will receive a message to contact ILL. The patron will have to establish a new account and ILL will do a manual merge of the patron’s old and new records. Carol Drum suggested that an explanation of the process be provided to Public Service staff.
    • Gary Cornwell requested that the ILLIAD ID checker software be loaded on a machine downstairs to use for patrons that come in after ILL is closed.
    • New ID scanners have been delivered to Systems and have been installed at the locations that previously requested scanners. Jan Swanbeck noted that Documents still needs to have a scanner installed.

  3. Collaboration with Campus AT
    Gary Cornwell and Marilyn Ochoa will be working with Academic Technology (formerly Office of Instructional Resources) in planning for the CIRCA lab in Library West. One hundred lab machines and one hundred library machines are expected. Decisions will have to be made about what will be on lab machines versus library machines and what can be done in each area. Carol Turner wants students to view classes on lab machines rather than those dedicated to library resources. Authentication issues must be worked out. The CIRCA lab needs to be located in a closed off area and should be easily identified as a CIRCA lab and not as library space. Carol Turner thinks there might be a possibility for collaboration between the Library and CIRCA for student training.

  4. Delivery Project Pilot
    • The SPIT committee has discussed library material delivery. Users rated us below expectations in LIBQUAL for this area. Carol Turner is interested in a pilot project for faculty to see whether this is an enhanced service that would be appreciated. Via this service faculty could have materials delivered to library of their choice. Carol Turner drafted a pilot project committee assignment without any names assigned. Carol Drum and Lori Driscoll pointed out that campus delivery was previously discussed and PSSC urged temporarily tabling this subject due to ALEPH implementation and all the changes the library is currently undergoing. There is already a lot of committee activity and a committee for document delivery would require a substantial amount of time.
    • It was suggested that facilities could handle delivering the materials via the current mail delivery system. It was noted that there have been problems with mail delivery. Carol Turner will talk with Steve Shorb about this issue.
    • The question of copyright was brought up. Carol Turner feels this would fall under fair use since we own the title. The library would be copying material in lieu of faculty doing it themselves.
    • It was agreed that this subject should be tabled temporarily for books. This service needs to be tied into the Libraries storage plan. It will probably be a year before we can really address the project. We will also need to look at the Digital Library aspect. Scanning will move ahead.
    • The patron must have a account in order to receive scanned documents.

  5. Updates
    1. Training
      • The training that took place yesterday was on the OPAC and GUI.
      • Circulation training will begin at the end of the month
  6. Items for next PSC agenda
    • Periodicals check out
    • Online video report – Patrick Reakes
    • Report from Director of Development – Sandy Melching
    • Building update
    • Library Council meeting update
    • Aleph update
    • SFX and Metalib update

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