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Public Services Steering Committee
December 04, 2002

Members Present:   Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Jan Swanbeck and Carol Turner

  1. Announcements

    Vacancies – Jan Swanbeck and Gary Cornwell

    Access Services and ILL – Lori Driscoll

    State Electronic Collection Committee – Rich Bennett

    New training room in MSL – Carol Drum

  2. OPAC – Rich Bennett

  3. ALEPH Implementation

  4. Vacancies
    Currently Dale is allowing emergency positions to be filled. However, with the implementation of TEAMS taking effect in January Steve Shorb and Denise Bogart-Caballero are questioning posting positions until after January 7th. Carol Turner will speak with Denise and Steve further. She will also speak with Dale.

  5. SFX and MetaLib
    SFX and MetaLib will be integrated separately.

    Both of these require configuration. Elaine Henjum at FCLA is going to be the project manager for implementation of these two systems for the SUL. There is not a definitive plan for how its going to work, what FCLA will have to do to get it started and maintain it, and what each institution has to do to get it started and maintain it. Until FCLA can determine what is needed from the different institutions they are in a holding pattern. There has been a recommendation to the directors that this group be established with one person from each institution.

  6. Building update

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