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Public Services Steering Committee
July 17, 2002

Members Present:   Gary Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Jan Swanbeck, and Carol Turner

  1. Budget
    A recent DDD memo contained positive messages from the President and the Provost about the budget. However, the Library will have a tight budget this year because of the cuts that we have taken, and there may be another call back because of Governor Bush’s plan to take 5% a year for five years. We are holding tight on OPS and expense spending. We are filling a very limited number of positions (despite the message that the freeze has been lifted). At present the Director has authorized only two positions to be filled within Public Services.

  2. Special Borrower's Fee
    Lori raised the issue of whether we should file a rule change for our Special Borrowers fees. Currently special borrower purchase privileges for a semester or a year. The semesters are defined as Jan – April, May – Aug, and Sept-Dec so individuals receive a different amount of value depending on the day they purchase the privilege. PSSC recommends that the fee be pro rated, rolling, or that we perhaps add a short-term option (not rolling). Carol T. will see if this would require a rules change. (NOTE: A rule change is being submitted indicating rolling dates. This may not take effect until January.)

    This issue should be referred back to the circulation committee along with an evaluation of the effectiveness of the borrowing fee program.

    After discussion, it was decided to create a patron record during the period from the end of the semester through the1st week of class if they have a Gator 1 card and claim they are registering. Staff will not check the Dean’s menu as long but will assign a standard expiration date. This seems to be a reasonable approach because when the patron files privileges for those without legitimate status will expire. If this procedure becomes problematic (we start losing books) we can readdress it. Since this would drop the need to check the Dean’s menu, it will allow student assistants to create records. Lori Driscoll will write-up the procedure and send it to the Circulation Committee.

  3. Library Instruction Prior to Library Card Being Activated
    This fall there is an anticipation of large numbers of patrons coming in for library instruction in Room 148 prior to their cards being activated. We will not be able to have all the names of the individuals prior to their arrival. One approach is that machines in Room 148 could be logged on as Cows1 and we could use sign-in sheets for the week before and the 1st week of classes.

  4. Library Hours
    Carol introduced the topic of hours for the year with the goal of deciding key issues here without the need for another meeting. Several factors that serve as background to the discussion are:

    1. Rich Bennett will soon be preparing the library hours template for the web page.
    2. The Lib Qual + Survey indicated that patrons want longer hours. It was noted that this is probably not possible with the current budget situation.
    3. Rob Roberts has requested that we have more standardized hours because Facilities staff have to change the alarm system each time the hours change and there is a lot of variation in hours between the Branches.

    After discussion, it was decided that the basic patterns used in the past will continue including variations between units. There is a two week holiday between fall and spring semesters. The week of Christmas we will be open 1pm – 5pm. Christmas Eve we will be open 9am – 1pm. December 30th we will be open 1pm – 5pm. December 31st we will be open 9am – 1pm. January 2nd & 3rd we will be open 1pm – 5pm.

  5. Statistics
    Public services statistics were discussed from the perspective of reviewing what we currently collect and determining whether changes would be useful for either:

    1. Providing useful management information
    2. Improving the accuracy of statistics gathered

    Agreements and Action:

    1. No additional stats need to be kept unless specials circumstances warrant it. Categories that are currently being counted should continue to be counted.
    2. Lori Driscoll and Collean Seale worked on definitions. Statistical forms now have definitions with examples. These should be reviewed with staff.
    3. We will begin in September using sampling for some categories An effort will be made to collect data on activities more comprehensively (including off-desk and email activity library-wide) on sample days.
    4. Carol T. would like to receive and post stats to the public services web page on a monthly basis.

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