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Public Services Steering Committee
June 19, 2002

Members Present:   Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, and Carol Turner

  1. Technical Services Priorities for Next Year

    1. Implementing LMS
    2. Contributing to Library West addition and renovation planning
    3. Tracking use statistics for electronic resources
    4. Improving web site
    5. Follow up to the Culture of Assessment
    6. Digital project initiative
    7. Dealing with initiative on campus for networking and the change over from SS#
    8. Ordering and cataloging as the budget permits
    9. Preservation, microfilming and scanning on demand

    Concerns were noted that not all of these fit into the 11 priorities for the scorecard objectives. Is each department going to have the 11 priorities and then separate documents for Tech Services, Public Service, etc. This is a subject that has to be discussed. PSSC, as the management group for Public Services, will have to decide what is most important. Some of the items listed above are things that are basic functions that wouldn’t necessarily be listed in the 11 priorities for the scorecard objectives.

  2. Priorities for Public Service the Coming Year

    1. Lib Qual + - analyze returns and take action based on them
    2. Library West Addition/Renovation
    3. LMS implementation
    4. Culture of Assessment follow-up and planning based on what we’ve learned
      • Goal Settings – Individual Unit
      • Plan & Assess
      • Keep in mind, What does this do for our users?
    5. Maximizing ease of use of electronic resource
      • MetaLib
    6. Better off campus promotion of library services/resources
      • No jargon – how to promote
    7. Academic influence
    8. Promote/incorporating information literacy into academic programs
    9. Customer service training
    10. What are we counting? Review and revise our statistics gathering and reporting to align with goals
    11. RefeXpress/Reference
      • Assess
      • Referrals/mode of service
    12. Assess ILL
      • Customer service
      • Electronic format for requests

  3. Library West Addition and Renovation
    Dale met with the Provost last week. Yesterday she met with Lex Long and the construction company. Basically we are getting 30 million dollars; however, that is not enough to build the size building that we need. Numerous maintenance issues have been identified that need to be addressed in our current building. As a result the new building will probably be half the size of the original plan. We are back to looking at putting books in this building, putting staff and services in the new building and we think it likely that we will get the storage facility on 39th Avenue. Everything is up for review once again. This information is subject to change.

  4. Lib Qual
    Steve Shorb has the UF specific comments collected via the Lib Qual Survey. Carol T. feels assessing the information that was collected and identifying any major areas we need to work on as a result of that could be very useful. For example, it could indicate if we may want to do surveys and have focus groups. It was noted that this information should be reviewed before discussing it and that it should be a top priority.

  5. Culture of Assessment Follow-up/Smart Goals
    At the end of the Culture of Assessment workshops we said that we would all get back together as a group to discuss it and decide where to go before any department went off on their own. This has not happened.

    Using the smart goals outline it makes sense to set short-term goals. For example, Gary is meeting individually with faculty to have them set goals for the next 3-4 months. He will meet with them approximately 3 times a year. Gary would also like to get USPS involved in this. Personnel should be consulted to make sure it is legal to incorporate goals into USPS evaluations.

    Rich – Perhaps the committee should try to categorize the general activities that the organization needs to be involved in. If what we are saying here is that there is truly a commitment throughout the organization to implement this cultural of assessment that the administrators will support whatever activities are necessary to ensure that steps are taken toward that culture. That means a lot of management sessions and follow-ups. There has never been an initial discussion that this is the management style we want to adopt.

  6. Other

    Web Portal Sessions at ALA – Rich
    The key element for these sessions is that multi data base searching is possible via MetaLib. This is something that we will look at implementing. It would address concerns about the ease of use. It allows for across database searching in a common database. We would have to have an SFX server. An SFX server would allow for windows to open up show all services, even for non-full text databases. MetaLib is not tied to the new LMS.

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