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Public Services Steering Committee
February 06, 2002

Members Present:   Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Lori Driscoll, Carol Drum, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck, and Carol Turner

  1. Location Codes
    At the joint meeting with FCLA and ExLibris it seemed desirable that we cut down the number of location codes we have. Carol Drum has been reviewing MSL location codes.
    Rich – There is no imminent deadline for making final decisions about location codes for UF. We will have to map every code we now have to something for testing dataloads. They are not called location codes they are called sub library collection codes. There is no restriction on creating codes that are necessary. They have encouraged limiting the number of sub-libraries.
    Carol D. – Science has a lot of Reserve Codes because reserves circulate two hours building use only, two hours overnight, three days, 24 hours, and 7 days. In Notis we have to have a code for each one. It is not clear how these will be accounted for in ExLibris. She has looked at location codes in Science. They currently have 22 document codes. It may be possible to reduce them to 5. They have also been discussing Five Star Service in relation to terms like reference, documents, and periodicals. These terms do not mean anything to patrons. Perhaps it would be useful when patrons are selecting locations to have a real location, for example, Science Library 5th floor, rather than Science Library w/ an LC call number.
    Carol T. – Agrees with trying to simplify things for patrons. She attended a meeting at ALA about web pages and user surveys that had been done by three different schools. They found that even though they tried to be very patron friendly that the patrons were still very confused.

  2. LMS - Rich Bennett
    Attended a kickoff meeting last week with FCLA, ExLibris representatives, and the project managers from the 1st four universities going up. Much of what was covered in that meeting will be covered in the kick off meeting for each institution and involve the department chairs. The intent is to get people geared up so the data can be reviewed as we make loads along the way and to provide insight as to the overall structure of the system. We have been given a configuration questionnaire. Part of it will be completed by FCLA for all institutions. Local customizations will be addressed. There is a general outline of when there will be other training. It is not complete. ExLibris feels that we are starting well in advance. Rich met with local steering committee (Jan Swanbeck, Lori Driscoll, Betsy Simpson, Michele Crump, Cecelia Botero, Mae Clark and Rich Bennett) last week. This committee will be the local structure for communication with FCLA and ExLibris. Rich has begun to create a web site with links to documentation from ExLibris. He will distribute monthly updates (will be archived on the network) with links to documentation from ExLibris. Please keep in mind that the version we actually implement will be different from what is out there now. Codes at the SUS/Community College level do need to be decided. They have created a joint ALAP implementation committee with five people from the SUS and five people from the community college level, Jim Corey and Richard Madaus. They met two weeks ago and recommended that there be an OPAC and an indexing task force. Technical services has representatives on each of these group. Rich will send something out this week or next pointing people to the website. There is a listserv for Project Managers, ExLibris Staff, and FCLA Staff.

  3. Public Services Webpage
    Carol Drum has been reviewing the Public Services web page. She feels there is a lot that could be done to make the pages more helpful to the staff. She sent around an email to receive feedback from staff about what kinds of things they would like to see on those pages. She received a few responses such as the ref express schedule, the instruction English classes, etc. The current sight is a mixture of staff and public pages. Ann Lindell has done a nice staff toolbox for AFA. Marston Science is creating one for that department. She thought about putting up the trouble shooting guide for public computers that Denise Bennett created. Currently, everything on NT8 is public access. Suggested that these pages should only be on the LAN. Carol mentioned this to Martha and she said that it could be done. She proposed that we create a task force that is charged with working on the Public Service Division web pages. Carol Turner will create a charge and send the draft. Carol D volunteered to chair it. She would like to have Ann Lindell on the task force. Gary doesn’t know if she has time but he will check with her. Gary suggested Patrick and Jason as well. Rich noted care should be taken not to duplicate information.

  4. New Custodial Schedule
    Carol Turner will talk with Directors and Facilities about clarification of the new policy.

  5. Audio Visual - Security
    Currently, audio/visual materials are kept behind the Circulation Desk and in Paged. The advantage to using security cases is that we cannot put a strip on the media because the adhesive will eventually work its way down to the disc. Lori would like to work on projects that would bring audio/visual material out. She initially wanted to use the security cases for the CDs that accompany books so the can be placed next to the text on the shelf. Currently, CDs are taken out of the books and are kept in a separate location. She would also like to use it for videos. Ask for the committee opinions about pursuing this, what types of media we should try it with, and what locations that would be best to put these in. Carol D. pointed out that the current procedure is to leave a CD in the back of the book it comes with. Suggestion was made to put all CD’s that came with a text, back with that text. Rich thought it seems reasonable to put materials that don’t accompany books out. Lori will make her staff aware that CD’s that come with books stay with the book.

  6. Renovation of Library West
    We will need more study space – individual and group – as well as additional audiovisual equipment and viewing areas. Continuing to look at Library West building plan. Currently looking at revised numbers that Steve Shorb has put together. We are back to having separate Circulation and Reference desks. Given the weight of Microforms, the architect suggested putting all of it on 1st floor, but this hasn’t been determined yet. No firm decision has been made, but we’re trying to find space to include Maps in Library West. Martha met with Serials staff and they recommended that there not be a separate periodicals unit in Library West. Resource Services staff who work with Serials will remain in Smathers. Dale is an advocate of integrating serials and monographs in the stacks in the new addition. Dale also wants everything classified to LC in the renovated Library West. The building proposal includes an Area Studies unit with staff adjacent to the Latin American, Judaica, African, and Asian materials. Implementing this will require identifying and pulling out African and Asian materials. There is a draft charge for a steering committee to look at and plan collection preparation for the new building. This committee will be charged by Martha, John, and Carol and will include staff from Resources Services, Collection Management, Area Studies, and Access Services. Carol Drum has been reviewing the circulation records for the Dewey collections that are in Marston and West. She has found occurrences of the same book circulating a lot in one location and not in another. A storage committee is looking at a storage facility. Members have been trying to come up with accurate numbers on collection size, growth of collections, and available shelving.

  7. Authentication
    Gary C. – Authentication on all machines in Library West, the branches and Marston. Have worked with John, Tom and Marvin to help fix some problems with the image on the local machines. Time will tell how Word View and Excel View will work with Centurion and WinShield gone. The Gator Times misquoted Bill Covey about authentication. Gary confirmed with the group that all are following the practice that a student who has forgotten their Gator One Card will be given their 14-digit number if (s)he has a driver’s license or other picture ID. He suggested a follow-up town meeting after everyone is up with Word 2000 to reconfirm policy/procedure.

    Lori D - There are not any problems with staff using it, but there is still work to be done on programming and forms before it is promoted to the public.

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