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Public Services Steering Committee
October 03, 2001

Members Present:   Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Carol Drum, Colleen Seale, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Turner

  1. Carol Turner distributed notes from the PSITC meeting on October 2, 2001 where Cynthia and Winston demonstrated a draft of how the authentication process will work.

    There are four areas that will be addressed in reference to authentication: implementation, policy, procedure and marketing. The PSSC will be identifying policy issues for authentication starting with today’s meeting.

    Carol Turner doesn’t think we have good information about whom we serve in the Library. She suggested doing a mini survey at the door of Library West and the Marston Science Library to determine who our patrons are, what services they use, and how many outside patrons we have. Carol Drum pointed out that the survey should be worded as not to offend. Carol Turner said it would basically be a check-off list survey. Rich doesn’t think the data would be very useful in drawing any kind of scientific example. He cautioned the committee not to draw too many conclusions about the percentage of the population this reflects. It was suggested that the surveys be conducted at different hours. Carol said we could possibly utilize one of Administration’s student assistants to conduct some of the surveys or possibly hire a student to come in like at 8:00 pm. Carol Drum noted that we get more outside patrons on Saturday afternoons (non game day). She suggested that we survey outside of Maps, Latin American Collection, and Documents because we may miss their patrons at the outside door. Carol Turner suggested we put Map and Documents as a category on the survey for Marston Science Library and survey Latin American Collection separately.

    Policy Issues:

    Carol Turner will write statement about why we are authenticating. She will also touch base with PSPC to get feedback from Universities already utilizing authentication. She suggested that everyone discuss authentication with staff.

  2. Other

    Colleen noted that the Triage Committee members have contacted different groups on campus about types of activities on campus to help with ISIS. Registrar’s office is going to provide demonstration of ISIS system on October 23, 2001 at 3:30p.

    Gary noted that in light of yesterday’s discussion involving authentication the Triage Desk could take on a lot more importance at the beginning of the semester to help with authentication. Carol noted that that’s only if we wanted authentication to happen there. Gary noted that it is possible it could be at other locations to help people.

    Carol Drum noted that the MSL group discussed having a Xerox Representatives at the triage desks for the first week or two of the major semesters to sell copy cards and provide information about the cards to students. Carol pointed out that a lot of students do not understand how the cards work. Carol Turner noted that this would be useful.

    Carol Tuner noted that Lori Driscoll is interviewing for Chair of Access Services on Monday, October 15, 2001. She used to work in the Health Center Library and the people who worked with her speak very highly of her. She is currently employed at Santa Fe Community College. Carol and Gary are still discussing what time the open session will be.

    Carol Turner noted that the Education search has been reposted and should close approximately the end of October. There is a (potentially) strong local candidate.

    Marilyn Ochoa starts on Monday, October 8, 2001.

    Committee for IT position in Library West Reference is in the process of calling for references.

    Carol Turner noted that the directors would be looking carefully at justification for filling vacant positions due to the freeze. We do not have any additional information about budget cuts. Carol Drum noted that given the circumstances she doesn’t think we should look at expanding summer hours. She suggested we look at what will happen with the Library if we do not have a Summer A/C? Rich said that it was his understanding from listening in on the Trustees conference call that there has not been any proposal to do away with some Summer A/C activity. He said that David Coburn did not indicate that we would shut down during the summer. Carol Drum noted that of course graduate students will be around but we still need to consider what hours we will offer. Carol Turner said we would probably want to look at possibly offering something like inter-session hours if we have fewer students on campus.

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