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Public Services Steering Committee
February 2, 2000

Present: Carol Turner, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Drum, David Hickey, Gary Cornwell, Rich Bennett

1. Back up for Catalog

Carol said that having a back up catalog for use when the network is down was discussed several months ago and asked about the status of it. Rich reported that Winston had created a demo and would be presenting it at the next Middle Managers meeting. Several people said the back up should be a high priority in light of the many problems with LUIS and WebLUIS going down during the first weeks of the spring semester.

2. Grants Training/Grants Proposals

The library has applied for very few grants. Jan Swanbeck said that the grant applications were very labor intensive and nobody in the library is well versed in completing the applications. Carol asked the existing procedure should be enhanced to help library staff and faculty learn how to work with grants or if staff needed more training. It was decided that Jan would attend a Contracts and Grants Administration Workshop in March. A committee might be formed after that. It will be discussed at a future LMG meeting.  Carol asked that everyone look for grants that might help the library.

3. Interlibrary Loan Status

David Hickey reported that David Fuller from ILL and Gene from FCLA are working together on SILLC. UF is the only SUS school using SILLC. He said it was too early to tell if electronic forms are improving ILL’s turnaround time. The average turnaround time in the SUS is about two weeks from the time the request is submitted to when the item is delivered. The time is longer if the item is not coming from an SUS school. He said it usually takes a couple of days to get the request out once the patron submits it. Rich Bennett suggested that the procedure should be researched to find out if there is a problem with it, or if the volume of requests is so high that more staff is needed. At one point, Denise Bennett was receiving 70 requests a day.
David discussed some problems they’ve found with SILLC and said they are in the process of being resolved. He said the staff would try to determine where delays are occurring so that those problems can be fixed. Among the things that need to be researched: are more searchers needed, what is the typical volume of requests and do some staff members need to be switched from lending to borrowing.

4. SUS Name the System Contest

Carol announced that a contest was being held to garner suggestions for a name for the existing SUS library system.  The contest is being organized by PSPC. The proposed deadline is Feb. 21 and the winner will receive a laptop computer.

5. Jewel Boxes for CDs

Carol Drum said that Marston Science Library was supposed to be testing the effectiveness of special jewel cases for CDs. The MSL CDs were sent to Preservation to be placed in the new cases, but have not been returned.  Gary Cornwell said that Library West didn’t need the cases because all of the CDs stored there are in a CD cabinet. Most staff members don’t want the CDs shelved in the stacks anyway.  The decision was made to recommend having the jewel cases sent to the locations that want to use them, rather than sending the CDs to Preservation to be placed in the cases.

6. Resource Services Survey

There was surprise that the survey asked so few questions, and that the questions were so open-ended.
Carol Drum said she would like Resource Services to allow the rest of the staff to take on some of the easily correctible record maintenance problems in their areas. She suggested that they create guidelines on what Resource Services absolutely must do and what other units can work on themselves.

7. Other topics for Discussion

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