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Public Services Steering Committee
December 1, 1999

Members Present: Carol Turner, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Drum, Rich Bennett, David Hickey, Gary Cornwell

Guest:  David Fuller

1)     ILL
David Fuller reported on the ILL department. He said the majority of requests coming in were still in paper format, rather than the new electronic forms that are available. The ILL has been encouraging patrons to use the electronic forms for about a year. One advantage of the electronic form is that patrons receive a copy of their request through email to confirm that the request went through and that all the information was included.
David said the goal of ILL is to have all requests come in using the WebLUIS form. This will save staff time because the patron information is already on the request form and the WebLUIS information automatically is filled in. Currently, it takes one hour to process requests in the paper format. Eventually, the paper forms will be eliminated. The feeling is that patrons don’t realize the electronic format is available.
Jan Swanbeck suggested adding a notation to the paper request form indicating that a request could be made electronically.
Carol Drum suggested pulling the cards on the service desks and using them only for emergencies. The staff could then educate patrons about the electronic forms. She said the paper forms were clunky and a great deal of time was cut out of the cutting and pasting the information, allowing staff more time to process the orders
Carol Turner said they had hoped the switch would take place during the fall semester, but it didn’t. Information about the electronic forms needs to get out. She said staff should be encouraged to put the paper forms away and teach patrons how to use the electronic forms.
2)     MSL Lights and Holiday Scheduling
Carol Drum reported that many problems occurred when the fourth floor was closed. The floor and ranges were covered with plastic. Staff had to move under the tents to get to the books. All forms have been moved from circulation to reference. Another staff member has been working reference on the fourth floor.
There will be a problem when the second floor lighting is replaced because while lights behind the circulation desk are replaced the desk can’t be used. One suggested possibility is to set up a circulation desk in Library West and retrieve books for patrons.
Gary Cornwell suggested setting up a desk in the MSL entrance. Carol Drum said they hadn’t considered using the entrance, but she would look into it.
3)     Systems Liaisons
Bill Covey said that the number of systems liaisons meeting has been reduced.  He also said the role of the PSITC may change.
Rich Bennett said that PSITC would continue to meet as planned. A training session with the public service group is planned.
4)     Other topics
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