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Public Services Steering Committee
October 20, 1999

Members Present: Carol Turner, Mary Gay Anderson (for Jan Swanbeck), Carol Drum, Rich Bennett, David Hickey, Gary Cornwell, Jana Edwards

1.    Web Page Review
Jana Edwards said the web committee was charged with getting feedback on the library web page. She was asking for input on how to effectively get feedback from all types of users.
Rich Bennett said that he, Martha Hruska and Ann Lindell had worked together on the charge and wanted to do some evaluation. They don’t want to make any changes during the academic year unless it’s really necessary.  He would like to see the Database Locator on the WebLUIS server.
Focus groups were suggested, although it is sometimes difficult to get a group together. There is already a prominent button to send email suggestions from the library’s homepage.

Gary Cornwell said that people seemed to accept the new web page, but they weren’t thrilled. Everything done to get feedback and suggestions has been with an internal focus. He suggested asking people outside the library to work on a review group. Carol Turner also suggested putting a survey directed toward faculty in Library News.

Jana asked how to get feedback from students. Suggestions included scheduling focus groups made up of students or passing out a short survey at the reference desk. If there was a little money available, perhaps a student could be hired to go to various computer areas on campus to ask students for feedback.

Rich said prior to October 1, some of the Java script couldn’t be used because the SUS didn’t require all machines have at least a 4.0 level browser. That is now required, so some changes may be made.

Some questions that should be asked in a survery are if the time it takes the screen to load is acceptable, if they like the ease of finding links and their opinions on the tutorial and database locator.

Carol Turner told Jana to look into what they need to gather feedback and how much it will cost.

2.    Public Service Needs that Might be Addressed With Carry Forward Funds  

Carol Turner reported that the library was getting a large amount of carry forward funds. The directors are putting together wish lists. 

The public service lists were as follows:

David Hickey: staff development because A&P staff don’t attend conferences; lighting in Library West

Carol Drum: new phone system, with voicemail, throughout the library; better sound system for L107 in MSL for teleconferences; flat screen monitors for the circulation desks; discharge equipment in Library West and MSL; remodeling of the two staff rooms in MSL; more privacy in the scanning room; tables on the third floor converted to carrols; a group study room.

Mary Gay: computers with DVD drivers; compact shelving; ergonomic workstations

Also mentioned were new barcode scanners for all circulation areas (these are on Martha’s FCLA equipment budget); signs about library rules; remodeling of the Reference office area; CD ROM burners; cabinets for CD and fische

The priorities were listed as:

1).  a new phone system

2).  rewiring the infrastructure for phones, lighting, etc. (the MSL lighting project was funded by contruction funds

          3). ergonomic desks for staff


3.    FCLA Joint Meeting Agenda  

Rich and David Hickey will attend the meeting while Carol is on vacation

4.    SUS Information Seminar Call for Papers  

The group discussed how to get people to participate and submit papers. The conference will be held in March in Fort Meyers. There will be two keynote speakers. 

Carol Turner wants PSSC members to help promote the conference on campus. If anyone has ideas of who would be a good speaker, let Carol know.

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