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Public Services Steering Committee
September 1, 1999

Members Present:
Carol Turner, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Drum, Rich Bennett, David Hickey, Gary Cornwell.

1) Goals and Objectives
The group went over the draft of the 1999/2000 Public Service Goals and Objectives and who should be responsible for specific items. The draft copy of the Goals and Objectives is in italics with comments and assignments in regular type.

Public Services Goals and Objectives

Draft List for 1999/2000

(some responsible parties are identified)

1. Devise a space plan for Library West that addresses the need to continue building collections and to provide adequate public use/study areas. --Dale

Space continues to be a major constraint on the libraries. A plan is needed for the immediate future for Library West.  This is a major goal of the coming year, and it should evolve from Dale’s meeting with the Library West space committee, the results of Library West engineering studies, and other activities.

2.  Evaluate existing web pages, revise, and expand

3.Training for Staff
4.Integrate Public Services staff into processes to evaluate new collection resources, especially mega purchases

5.Library instruction/user training

6.Explore new methods to provide reference/outreach service
The idea is to try to get an outreach-type program in place for midterm or next semester. Carol Drum already has permission from the chairman of the chemistry department to set up office hours in the department. Carol Turner suggested someone from Collection Management might try the same idea in a humanities area.
This is a way to try new ideas for providing reference assistance in the changing library. Reference statistics are down all over the country and less and less students are coming into the library. This is a way to reach the students and provide the information they need.

Gary questioned whether we should be going out of the library instead of encouraging students to come into the library. Rich Bennett said he sees it more as public relations, than actually providing reference services.

Carol Turner suggested brainstorming with other library staff to identify what the library in the 21st Century will be. Rich agreed, saying that everyone needs to realize that a reduction in the numbers of patrons approaching the reference desk doesn’t necessarily mean a reduction in contact with the library.

Carol Turner asked if PSSC needed to revise the goals and objectives list, or should they say it is ok as a draft to submit for the library-wide strategic plan. Carol Drum said it would be nice to say that these are the priorities that we’ll be working on. The decision was made to look at the goals and update the progress on them at each meeting.

7. Expand E-Reserve services

8. Interlibrary Loan
9. Continue attempt to define baseline public services

2) IPC Code

David Hickey said he would forward the information to Carol Drum, Rich and Phek Su to discuss the ideas. He has drafted a procedure for the Circulation Manual.

3) E-Reserves 

Library West is trying to implement the scanning of reserve materials. The materials will be put up on the web. There is going to be a new line to work on the permissions for copyright of the material. David Hickey said there are some problems, mostly because the staff was overwhelmed with the number of items to scan. Other problems include: not being able at this time to rotate the image as it is scanned, making vertical documents appear horizontal on the monitor; if a page is missed, the whole document must be rescanned and the copyright statement  must be scanned at the beginning of each document. All staff must also be trained so they are able to tell patrons how to load Adobe Acrobat on their computers.

       4) Cell Phones           

Carol Drum asked if a policy had been developed a policy prohibiting cell phones from being on in the library. She said MSL is getting a lot of complaints. Carol Turner will find out if the university has a policy dealing with cell phone use in class. Rob Roberts will be asked to make signs for each library asking patrons to turn off their cell phones.           

Vicki Fooks, Recorder

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