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Public Services Steering Committee
April 7, 1999

Members Present: Carol Turner, Carol Drum, Rich Bennett, David Hickey, LeiLani Freund

  1. Un-Attended CD-Roms
  2. A discussion was held regarding  storage of un-attended CD-Roms. One possibility would be using a new type  of container that could be locked. David Hickey suggested the CD's might be shelved so that the circulation staff would just have to unlock the container as the patron checked out.

  3. Down Time
  4. A short discussion was held,  recapping the issue of down time addressed by Bill Covey at the March meeting.  Gary Cornwell said that Bill's report at the Middle Managers meeting was encouraging. Although the back up electronic catalog will be a different interface, it should work well. David Hickey said that Paul is conducting tests with scanning patron ID's. If the network was down, the ID's could be scanned at check out and then cut and pasted into the appropriate places when the system came back up.

  5. Shelfreading
  6. Carol Turner said that at the beginning of the year, all OPS money was allocated. She asked if there were any departments that had needs to be met but not enough OPS money to fulfill them.

    Carol Drum reported that Marston Science Library wants to hire security guards to cover the extended hours during exams. She said they wanted the guard because during the fall exam period, staff experienced some hostility from students when they were asked to leave. David Hickey said that the only problem Library West had during that period were non-students using the library as a place to sleep.

    It was decided that the only  worries were funding for shelfreading in Circulation and hiring a student  to work on a project with Hang SooHoo in Access Services.

  7. Other Topics

Cellular Phones - Carol Drum suggested that a policy be created to restrict cellular phones in the library. There have been several complaints about ringing phones disturbing patrons. Carol Turner agreed that it was reasonable to ask people to turn off their phones while in the library. Before coming up with a policy Carol Turner will check to see if there is a campuswide cell phone policy.

Recorded Sound - Marsha Brown discovered the Music Library had 4,000 albums of recorded sound and thought the faculty would be interested in using them. The albums included poetry readings, Seminole Indian recordings, etc.The suggestion was made to catalog and classify them as a collection. The recordings will be kept in Music and Special Collection will keep a printed catalog of them.

Trips - Carol Turner will be going on a few distance learning trips. April 26 she will be in Tallahassee. April 30 the SUS Distance Learning subcommittee will meet in Tampa.

Fundraising - Marcia is planning a fundraising committee meeting. One priority of the committee is to find ways to expand gift opportunities.

Training - Gary suggested that a training session be held for student employees at the beginning of each semester. The session would teach students about public services and how to deal with people. It could be held on a Saturday morning and attendance would be a condition of employment.

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