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Public Services Steering Committee
March 3, 1999

Members Present: Carol Turner, Carol Drum, Rich Bennett, David Hickey, LeiLani Freund, Bill Covey

     1.    Using a proxy server to block email on public  machines
He said it would be a continuous process to keep the lists of approved addresses up-to-date. All web traffic will be routed through the server. It might be best to use a commercial proxy server to prevent the server from going down and allowing other machines to turn the proxy information off. He said the biggest problem is the possibility of a single point of failure. Problems could also occur if the proxy server is overloaded.
     2.    E-Reserves
Carol Turner announced that there was a major data loss in the E-Reserves. She said after an initial data loss, it was discovered that the files had not been backed up since November.

According to Pat Crabbe of FCLA, UF had 10,623 items in E-Reserves. Those include 440 URLs, 412 of which pointed to the FCLA server. Of those, only 27 were not lost. Each URL can have thousands of pages. There was a great deal of discussion regarding how to get the information online again.

Carol Drum reported that Marston Science had 21 courses that use E-Reserves. They have paper copies of some of the information, and many of the professors probably have their information on disk. Library staff will have to contact these professors to get the disks again. She said in the future when professors bring in their information on disk; they will either keep a paper copy on file, or keep the disk.

The suggestion was made to moving scanners to one location and having staff work together to get the information scanned and back online. Carol Turner said it should be determined how long it would take to get the information scanned and how it was going to be done before going to the professors. Staff from each location were called and invited to join the meeting.

David Hickey suggested that any new materials coming in should be given first priority. It was also suggested that an email be sent out to all professor who have submitted E-Reserve materials explaining the problem and telling them what we are doing to solve the problem.

Carrie Hunt, Jim Stevens and Marijka Willis joined the meeting, as did Pat Crabbe and Ned Stuart from FCLA. Pat said that FCLA is now doing nightly backups of the E-Reserves. They are also producing a list of files that are still available, but most of those are materials from the fall semester.

There is an estimated 6,000-7,000 pages that will need to be scanned. Jim Stevens thought the Library West information would be scanned and back on line by the end of the week. Marston Science has the most materials that need to be scanned; they will distribute part of their information to other areas with scanners in order to get it finished as quickly as possible.

Staff from each unit will send Carol a list of faculty (with email addresses) with materials on E-reserves. She will send them a letter explaining the loss and the plan to recover the data. Carol Drum will determine the extent of loss in Marston and whether additional help will be useful.

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