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Public Services Steering Committee
January 6, 1999

Present: Carol Turner, Rich Bennett, David Hickey, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Drum, Gary Cornwell, Ed Teague,

Absent: Colleen Seale

  1. Announcements
  2. Computer Distribution: David Hickey reported that Access Services needed one more computer. Gary Cornwell said that Reference had four computers go dead. Education needs two computer tables.

    Scanners: Systems is trying to find new wand scanners that are more durable than the ones used in the past. Gary said that Bill Covey has found a scanner he wants to try.

  3. Discussion of housing non-circulating items in the stacks
  4. Carol Turner said there was a proposal to house non-circulating materials at AFA. The idea came up because a patron had trouble finding back copies of Congressional Quarterly, which is listed as a regular periodical not a reference item.

    Ed Teague said that when he started at the Library an attempt was made to create a policy for non-circulating materials that are not really reference materials, but are not expensive enough to lock up. Currently some of these items are housed in the stacks.

    Rich Bennett wanted to know if the non-circulating materials in the stacks had codes on them so that they could not be accidentally checked out.

    Several ideas were discussed including moving the items to Paged Collection, or offering them for circulation for only one week.

    Carol Turner said that the noncirculating materials should be moved out of the reference area in Library West but a decision needed to be made regarding where these items were placed. The decision was made to discuss this with the Circulation Department and see what their suggestions were.

  5. Gift Opportunities
  6. Several ideas for gift opportunities were discussed. Carol Turner said that the library needed to come up with exciting proposals because the library typically does not receive many donations. Rich suggested that instead of asking for an endowment for a chair, an endowment could be used for an entire program. Carol Drum said perhaps the library could ask for money for a separate location for the Map Library or for a Center for Jewish Studies which would also house the Judaica Library.

    Rich also suggested including lower cost items on the list, such as the opportunity to adopt a stack or adopt a journal.

    Other suggestions were additions to the existing library buildings rather than asking for a whole new building; also money for more wiring and separate plug stations for students to plug in their laptops.

  7. WebLUIS
    1. WebLUIS changes in place
      1. Command drop-down now duplicated near the top toolbar - forward/back arrows smaller to minimize space use
      2. Some of the more frequently used commands in the drop-down menu are now capitalized
      3. The MARK check-boxes have been removed from the Results List to improve response time; they remain on the record. Marking records from the Results List is still possible by entering traditional LUIS commands (mark 1-10, etc.)
      4. Database Locator now available from the WebLUIS Home Page - allows browsing databases by subject, searching by database name, etc.
      5. SUS A-T-S Index now includes CRL. Keyword searching now possible so it can be called an SUS Union Catalog. (In "Classic" LUIS too). This will eventually allow people to search in several databases.
    2. Upcoming WebLUIS issues to be announced/discussed
      1. Proxy server coming - will immediately improve remote access for some databases (Lexis-Nexis, Britannica…). UF's separate licenses must be reviewed for allowance of proxy access before submitting changes to providers.
      2. Requirement for users and libraries to upgrade browsers to support changes coming with FirstSearch in August. This will also enable implementing a new Java applet for the WebLUIS MARK check-boxes to improve response time further (and enable the check-boxes to be put back on the Results List if desired).
      3. Review effectiveness of commands presentation in the drop-down menu and consider alternatives. Decisions need to be made for implementing before the beginning of the summer or fall semesters.
      4. "Review/Edit Last Search" command - re-display previous search on the search form instead of the LUIS command entry box.
    3. Other UF WebLUIS Issues
      1. UF Libraries' Catalog interface changes with CRL link in header
      2. New UF Course Reserve web page with search entered directly. Now enables users to do a reserve search from the UF Libraries homepage
      3. Experiments with the Database Locator from UF Libraries' web pages. this may eventually allow us to use this database locator as a search engine.
    4. UF Libraries' Catalog display of electronic resources - location, call #, copy notes, 856 LINKS notes, etc.
      1. Jimmie Lundgren's 856 group proposal. Mock-up screens have been prepared. The Public Service group will decide what will be displayed
      2. Electronic Theses and Dissertations (ETD) group status report There is now a server that shows 1997 UF theses that are available online for downloading. The link is under the "What's new?" link.

  8. Strategy for staff access to userid/password for public resources that are not completely IP controlled.
  9. There are some proprietary databases that cannot be solely IP controlled, so they have passwords. But there has to be a secure way to store user name and passwords for those databases. It has to be secure so that not everyone has access to the password.

  10. Reports
Carol said that she is putting together the information and statistics on the 24-hour library. The numbers of students using the library during the late night hours are similar to those of the Reitz Union. The decision may be made to have extended hours during the next finals period. Those hours may be opening at 6 am or 7 am and closing at 3 am.
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