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Public Services Steering Committee
May 6, 1998

Present: Carol Turner, Rich Bennett, Colleen Seale, David Hickey, Jan Swanbeck, Carol Drum

Absent: Gary Cornwell

1.    Public Services Web Page

Rich Bennett presented an outline for the Public Services Web Page.
2.    Public Service Statistics Task Force
The Draft Charge for the Public Services Statistics Task Force was presented. There was discussion on whether to use samples or real statistics. Martson Science Library wants statistics and Library West wants samples. No consensus was reached.

A User Survey was suggested to determine usefulness. There was discussion about whether this should be a small service every semester or annually. The point was made that there should be better marketing and that the public relations person should handle this.

A suggestion was raised pertaining to having a suggestion box and mini-survey while students are waiting for books to be scanned and while they are waiting for the printer.

There were concerns that the counters on web page are not very accurate. Rich Bennett will research this problem.

There was also discussion about the name and goals of the group. Furthermore, there is a need to define needs. The group decided to review handout and email comments about how to gather information.

3.    Handouts for Fall 1998
Two of the handouts for the fall are Books to Bytes and General Library Guides for Users. All Handouts on Web are supplements to printed copies in the library.
Nice printed maps of floors. The home page and Web LUIS brief. Light green bookmarks.

Russ Fairman is to count copies.

4.    Improved Access to Resources:
There was discussion about some of the links at the Library Homepage. There are links to various library maps, including the Architecture and Fine Arts Library, the Education Library, the Health Science Center Library, and the Marston Science Library.

There is also a guide to Internet Sources, hours, and phone numbers for locations. Currently there are hours posted for summer, fall, and spring. There is also information on Circulation Policy.

The WebLuis search page was presented (attachment 3). This page allows keyword searches and also has a link to the WebLuis Advanced Guide.

UF E-Journal Variables and Issues was also presented (attachment 4). This provides access to full-text resources.

A forum was suggested to discuss and organize prior to taking these issues to the public. The forum should not be geared toward training. Concern was also expressed about working with the Health Science Center Library and the Law Library so that there will be consistency.

David Hickey brought up that there should be written policy on CD-ROM usage and the page not being supported by the Library.

Rich Bennett brought up the point that the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) should be available in WebLUIS. UF Quick Connect could be available in all UF Views. There was some argument that CRL is not a very cost-effective resource because it is not in the catalog. However, the point was raised that if it is in the record there will be a great deal of time spent explaining why it is not at this Library. One possible solution discussed was making it available through ILL and having a link to the ILL Form.

Carol Drum raised the issue of access to the E-Reserves. There was some discussion of using individual identification numbers and passwords regardless if the student has a GatorOne card. One possible advantage to this is that it provides protection from lawsuits concerning copyright violation. Make the security in WebLUIS, not in classic LUIS.

There was discussion about having another location that is in the reserve that was not for the course reserve. They wouldn't be unlinked records. Centralized E-reserves unit will be the written recommendation faculty will submit.

5.    Instruction Plans:
Denise is to formulate a research question. The object of instruction is to train to help the understanding of staff and students. There should be analytical teaching with teaching tool, but not teaching concepts.
The proposal for the fall seminar series was presented (attachment 5). The biggest concern raised dealt with scheduling. It was decided to start advertising now.

There was discussion about determining what the needs of each department would be. Furthermore, it was decided that the undergraduates should be taught right away, because they might not go to graduate school.

 6.    Announcements and Reports:
There were some questions concerning the budget.
The copier meeting for May 6 was announced. Barbara Oliver, Rob Roberts, Tom Cetwinski, and Bill Covey were to attend. Tom Cetwinski went as the Public Services Representative. He will write up something on the process.

There was some discussion about printer problems. Something was underway to alleviate this problem.

It was announced that the interview schedule is in Library News.

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