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Public Services Steering Committee
February 4, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Gary Cornwell, Carol Drum, David Hickey, Jan Swanbeck and Carol Turner

 1.    Wiring for Plugins Discussion of Priorities with Bill Covey

The Provost is encouraged by the new technological services taking place on campus and has encouraged the libraries to submit a computer plug-in project proposal. Some of the specifics of the proposal are: a NAT/Authentication box, a private IP address for the plug-ins in order to avoid security violations and national security threats. The Gatorlink identification will be required for all users. Bill believes there will be a total of 200 plug-ins campus wide. PSSC discussed priorities for the library proposal and recommended beginning with room 100 because it already has electrical wiring and 16 plug-ins for 32 units installed around the walls. Library West will follow with plug-ins in the faculty carrels and cubbies on the second, third, fourth and fifth floors. The Marston Science Library will install the plug-ins in the graduate carrels, on the third, fourth and fifth floors. AFA will install plug-ins in the double deck carrels.

 Bill Covey recommended including in the proposal the floor plans, the hours availability, and the need for an access box, and electrical wiring.

 2.    Library Services Technology Act Grant Proposals - Carol Turner
Carol Turner informed the group of the availability of Library Services and Technology Act Grants (LSTA). This major federal grant program for libraries is administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which focus on information access through technology and information empowerment through special services. This year other libraries in addition to public libraries are eligible to receive this grant. Carol Turner asked the group to think of projects for the grant proposal. Carol Drum proposed utilizing this grant for digitization. Jan Swanbeck proposed utilizing this grant for a training/conference in conjunction with NEFLIN regarding GIS. Carol Turner said a grant proposal will be made for the courier services of Distance Learning. Rich suggested Arial for IFAS centers. The grant proposals are due April 15th. The grant money will be awarded October 1st.
3.    The Revised Webpages and Their Use in the Library - Rich Bennett
It keeps changing!..only to get better. Systems is trying to put all of WebLUIS info on one page. Rich Bennett attended an ISCP meeting in which a discussion took place concerning putting Lexis Nexis on the start menu as well as shortcuts. Items to include in shortcuts will continue to be addressed in future meetings. Rich asked for the group assistance in relaying what their department would like to see on the start menu. Please send ideas to Rich by the end of next week. Rich would like to present suggestions before the Public Service Council this month, if possible.
 4.    Announcements and Reports
Carol Drum announced the UF/Gartner Alliance Presentations on Thursday, February 5th in the Reitz Union main Auditorium. These sessions will start at 9:15 am and at 1:30 pm. There will be 2 sessions available. The Gartner Group currently has 40 courses available on the intranet.

The UF/Gartner software in CD’s form is available in the Hub for $3.18. Carol Drum suggested purchasing the software and networking it within the libraries. Carol also asked for a copy of the course catalog to be made available for patrons of the library.

Gary reported a University of Florida Foundation group will tour the libraries. Dale recommended that each department identify specific needs for their area.

Carol Drum reported that the Marston Science Library is gathering status of the copiers on each floor in the morning and again in the afternoon. This information is necessary in determining the efficiency of the current vendors' service. Carol Drum announced the reference desk on the third floor would open the week of February 9th for 4 hours daily.

David Hickey inquired as to a setting up a designated "Group Study" area. It has been reported that students will sit along the stairwell and study as a group as there is no designated place to study with two or more persons.

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