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Public Services Steering Committee
January 21, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Gary Cornwell, Carol Drum, David Hickey, Jan Swanbeck, and Carol Turner

1.    Announcements

Carol Drum announced that the food door monitors in the Marston Science Library are doing a great job keeping food and drinks outside of the library. Management has begun to receive thanks for taking this action.

Carol also informed the group that consideration is being given to opening the third floor periodicals reference desk for 4 hours per day.

The Marston Science Library experienced a small electrical fire in the elevator electrical closet on Friday that resulted in the closing of the library for the evening hours. Carol Drum suggested each library check fire exit doors and alarm systems.

 Jan Swanbeck reported that Lexis Nexis would be giving training session on January 28th and 29th in conjunction with a state documents conference on January 29th.

CIS will also host reception in room 122 in the Reitz Union on January 28th.

 Gary Cornwell announced there has been one class assignment where students were told how to use Lexis Nexis with the old version. Two workstations have been set up to provide access to this version of Lexis Nexis; one in the documents department and one in the reference department. Eleven (11) Lexis Nexis passwords to the other version have been issued for the entire state university system. There is a time limitation for usage on these computer terminals and users should be encouraged to use the web version, Lexis Nexis Universe.

 The pre-bid conference for the copying contract took place yesterday. There were many vendors represented. Lots of questions arose from the tour of the libraries. The bid opening will be February 16th.

 Gary Cornwell updated the group of the status of new electronic reference resources in the reference department. Bloomberg is up and running. Marketshare is also running. This web-based software has great demographic data and GIS capabilities. Patrons in the library reported that Marketshare is very interesting and informative. Marketshare is password operational. Five (5) passwords are available and will be distributed by Peter McKay. Gary reported that a proposal for expanding InfoSwamp has been submitted. The Gartner Group material (e.g. CD's) will be housed in the Marston Science Library.

The university has an agreement with the Gartner Group to acquire training for the campus.

Carol Turner suggested putting CD’s usage/check out policy on the next Public Service Steering Committee agenda.

David Hickey reported that Access Services has received its first distance learning document delivery request. The request originated at Tyndall Air Force Base.

David Hickey distributed a draft guideline for housing collections and storing equipment in LAD. Access services is preparing to do inter-filing of materials on the various boxed collections now housed at the LAD. David is hoping to have a reading room ready for patron usage by spring 98.

Lawan Orser and David Hickey are conducting a seminar on NOTIS Statistics on February 18th in the Marston conference room.

The Faculty senate meeting will take place tomorrow. Dale and Carol will be making a presentation on the libraries.

Carol Turner and a study group are diligently working on the two distance learning document delivery projects. The surface delivery project will involve initiating library to library courier service within the state. Diane Solomon, director of TBLC and agent for the courier service, has drafted an RFQ for commercial bids for the actual courier services. The service is scheduled to start in April. The other pilot document delivery project is commercial document delivery. At the present time a cover letter is being composed and a packet is being put together to be distributed to participating libraries.

Another project the Distance Learning Steering Committee is working on is the database acquisitions for next year. The steering committee is meeting with members from OCLC and Solinet to determine what databases will be available next year. An SUS task force, chaired by Stephanie Haas, has completed an in-depth analysis on FirstSearch use. A copy of this analysis will be forwarded to Carol Turner.

Carol suggested having representatives from TSC occasionally attend our meeting in order to communicate more effectively.

2.    New Resources
With all of the new resources being added to our current electronic collection Carol Turner emphasized the importance of informing and providing training for the staff and the public of these resources. Some of the questions raised were: How do we coordinate better? And how do we let people know about new resources? Rich suggested this process should start as the resources are purchased through Sam Gowan, and then communicated through the collection mangers that new products have been added. Gary indicated that the staff is not knowledgeable of every database available therefore, they tend to frequent the ones that they have the most experience. Carol Drum suggested regular training sessions on all of the databases be made available. She also suggested developing brochures and handouts for public use. Carol Turner suggested working with CIDS (a SUS committee). Both Carol(s) think it may be a worthwhile effort to meet with Trudi and relay the needs and expectations of training needs. Jan asked if the vendors would be responsible via contract for training on their products. Carol Turner suggested big promotional efforts to encourage the awareness. Rich suggested using all vehicles of communication for advertising the products and services. Carol Turner suggested assignment of the various databases to specific personnel for training and promotional efforts. These questions will continue to be readdressed as the committee searches for ways to publicize and train on new and forthcoming electronic resources.
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