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Resource Navigation Committee

The Committee is an advisory committee that focuses on effective navigation design and structure for the library Web site. The goal of the Committee is to facilitate bringing users to desired content quickly, efficiently, seamlessly. Making the web easy to use so library resources are easy to access and use is the key objective. The Committee may consult with the Web Advisory Committee, the Library Web Manager, the Electronic Access Services Coordinator, and other individuals inside and outside the libraries.


  • Marilyn Ochoa (Chair)
  • Carrie Newsom (Assistant Chair)
  • Jason Fleming
  • Rae Jesano
  • Jimmie Lundgren
  • Matthew Mariner
  • John Nemmers
  • Maryellen O’Brien

Committee Role: Advisory to Director for Public Services


General Responsibilities

1. Provide users with a seamless approach to discovery and use of library resources, especially databases, electronic journals and books, and locally digitized materials.
2. Develop integrated navigation to the Library’s digital resources so they are more visible and easier to find.
3. Define discovery tools that enable users to search and retrieve across diverse and distributed websites, library catalogs, and databases of information resources.
4. Assess tools that give users the ability to create personalized views of the knowledge base.
5. Lead library-wide discussions that re-vision access.
6. Recommend and participate in implementation, training – particularly for staff, and marketing strategies

Focal Topics for 2006 through June 2008

1. Assess the usability/navigability of the Libraries’ Research Gateway through interaction with users via focus groups, surveys, and other means. Analyze what is and what is not effective. Recommend specific improvements.
2. Specifically, evaluate the methods users have to gain remote access to the libraries’ resources. Evaluate the proxy as an access tool. Evaluate the login page for usability and clarity. Recommend improvements.
3. Evaluate and make recommendations concerning training and marketing for UF’s digital collections.

Minutes and Documentation will be available via the staff web page.

Revised charge 10/31/06



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