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UF Libraries’ OPAC Committee


Identify opportunities for making the UF Libraries’ Web OPAC easier for library users and staff to use, and where possible, implement these improvements through FCLA.

Systematically examine all UF OPAC interface screens (search, results, full record, sign-in, etc.) and propose appropriate changes.

Test existing UF OPAC functionality to insure that it is working as designed, and is presented in the interface as clearly as possible.

Communicate with library users and staff about the OPAC:

  • Solicit feedback about specific problems experienced, and request other suggestions for desirable changes to the OPAC user interface.
  • Announce proposed changes and request feedback from library staff prior to implementation by FCLA.
  • Announce when changes will occur (and request further feedback following implementation of a change).

Review other Aleph Web OPAC implementations for ideas that might possibly be implemented in our current OPAC (or when some future\Aleph version is implemented in the SUL).

Consult with FCLA staff about desired changes to determine if the change can be a local decision or must be agreed to by the SUL. NOTE: The limits of what can be determined locally and what must be agreed statewide are still being defined.

When SUL agreement is needed, suggest to the SUL PSPC OPAC Subcommittee.

Make suggestions through appropriate channels for Ex Libris enhancements to the OPAC as appropriate.

As needed, assist with preparation of related handouts, tutorials, and other help screens.

Plan appropriate staff training sessions.


  • Rich Bennett (Chair)
  • Amy Buhler
  • Matthew Daley
  • Jason Fleming
  • Edward Hart
  • Margeaux Johnson
  • Pat Reakes
  • Paul Victor




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