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Library Instruction Committee

The Library Instruction Committee is a standing Public Services Division committee charged with coordinating activities and improving the quality of instruction provided by the Libraries at the University of Florida.

The committee is composed of six library staff who participate in library instruction (at various levels and with varied content) plus a chair who serves as the Coordinator of Library Instruction. The six members have three year terms with two people rotating off at the end of each fiscal year. At least one of the committee members should be a paraprofessional.

The Committee reports to the Director for Public Services and provides updates (at least annually) on its activities and accomplishments to the Public Services Council.


This committee is charged with identifying needs and proposing and/or undertaking actions essential to ensuring that the Libraries continue to provide an effective library instruction program. Such a program is characterized by:

  • knowledge of UF academic programs and courses and strong positive relationships between library staff and teaching faculty;
  • library staff who understand the components and benefits of information literacy for students and who can explain its importance and justify developing it;
  • library instructors who are effective teachers and knowledgeable about library resources;
  • library instructors who share information and communicate effectively with each others
  • library staff who are aware of and skilled in using new technology to teach information literacy

Goals for 2006

1. Develop a list of priorities for standardized, easily deliverable instructional online modules.

2. Offer two instructional workshops for library teachers.

3. Plan a "journal club" presentation.

4. Investigate user assessment surveys and strategies.

5. Develop a plan for marketing appointment based instruction.

6. Revise instruction web page.


  • George Hack - HSCL
  • Blake Landor - CM
  • Carrie Newsom - MSL
  • Jana Ronan - Coordinator
  • Shaun Saxon - Documents
  • Flo Turcotte - Special & Area Studies
  • Christopher Valladingham - Law
  • Paul Victor - H&SSS




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