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Copying, Printing, and Scanning Task Force

Copying and printing are basic services that have been heavily criticized by Smathers Libraries’ users. Patrons complain about the $.13/page cost of the service, but they complain even more about the complexity of printing and the need for appropriate currency to add money to the copy card. At the same time, the printing and copying services that once generated significant revenues for the libraries now require a library subsidy. We are looking ahead to the end of our Xerox contract in December 2006 and to the opening of Library West and its Information Commons early in 2006. The time is ripe to look for creative alternatives. Additional background information includes the following:

  • The CIRCA labs provide printing for $.10/page and are able to recover costs. Students use their Gator1 cards to activate charges and are billed through Student Accounts Receivable.
  • The Legal Information Center has its computer printing provided by CIRCA. CIRCA provides a good service and receives the revenues paid through Student Accounts Receivable. The LIC also provides free Lexis/Nexis and Westlaw printing as part of the contracted service with those vendors.
  • Neither CIRCA nor the Legal Information Center provide any method for printing for people without a Gator1 card.
  • Campus Libraries contract with Xerox for photocopy service. At present, this service is losing money and is subsidized by the libraries (attach information)
    Some libraries around the country are providing scanning in lieu of photocopying. In the Smathers Libraries, scanners have not been used extensively and are still viewed as somewhat experimental.
  • The Smathers Libraries are open to the general public. In order to protect library materials from theft and mutilation, some provision must be made for the public to make appropriate copies of library materials.
  • It is desirable to provide consistent services throughout the Smathers Libraries.


Please examine the current copying, printing, and scanning environment at the University of Florida and in academic libraries comparable to ours.

  • Describe and quantify the demands for these services at UF
  • What options are available?
  • What are the pros and cons of each?

Please submit a report by August 1 with recommendations that include

  • The ideal mix of services for the Smathers Libraries and for each UF library
  • The type of management preferred (vendor, campus office, libraries, mix, etc.)
  • The kind, configuration, and cost of equipment needed to support the recommendation


  • Pat Reakes (Chair)
  • Tom Caswell
  • Paul Victor
  • Laurie Brennan
  • Michelle Foss
  • Mark McCallister
  • Will Chaney





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