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Public Services Goals and Strategic Priorities


  1. Library West Addition/Renovation.
  2. LMS implementation.
  3. Analyze Lib Qual + returns and take action based on them.
  4. Culture of Assessment follow-up and planning based on what we’ve learned.
  5. Continue to work on refining and updating our reference service.
  6. Maximize ease of use of electronic resources.
  7. Improve and expand library web presence.
  8. Promote library services/resources more effectively and with less jargon to the campus and to our distance learning programs.
  9. Increase the influence of the libraries and library staff on campus.
  10. Provide additional customer service training focused on local needs.
  11. Review and revise our statistics gathering and reporting to align with goals.
  12. Assess Reference service and varieties including email and RefeXpress (and evaluate QuestionPoint as an aspect of reference service).
  13. Assess ILL including customer service and electronic requests and delivery.

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