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Public Services Goals and Strategic Priorities


  1. Initiate long-range planning for Public Services This effort will likely involve a planning team, working with a consultant, a retreat, and a series of planning sessions.  Public Services planning will serve as a pilot for library-wide planning.
  2. Analyze the measurement of our services and explore methods to improve measurement and to implement an ongoing analysis program.
  3. Establish a committee to explore desktop delivery.
  4. Establish a committee to investigate the effectiveness of our communication with our users.
  5. Continue to work on refining and updating our reference service.
    1. Initiate an updated version of RefeXpress Analyze both how well the service meets the needs of our users and how we can most effectively integrate it with existing services.
    2. Participate in the CDRS project at the Library of Congress.
  6. Fill PS vacancies with excellent appointments.
  7. Initiate expanded service program in Journalism Reading Room and addition of Journalism Librarian.
  8. Complete planning for Library West addition and renovation.
  9. Implement building security program.
  10. Implement book security pilot project, if possible.
  11. Continue to improve and enhance electronic reserve services.
  12. Explore and implement new interlibrary loan system.
  13. Continue to work on web pages as a key way of reaching our users. Add subject pages to facilitate independent research by users.
  14. Participate in key projects of the SUS.
    1. Selection of new Library Management system.
    2. Planning for roll out of new umbrella name for library resources.
  15. Complete business plan and initiate fee-based service for printing census maps and other materials.
  16. Develop a plan for GIS services in the libraries.
  17. Initiate use of management teams in Marston Science Library.

Goals Approved September 20, 2000.

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