The Smathers Libraries are considering several options to address the immediate space problems in Library West.  Because our space problems are so severe, it will no doubt be necessary to use some combination of these options.  None of these options will solve the problems for more than a few years.  Because we are concerned about the impact of these options on faculty and students, we are seeking information about your preferences among these difficult choices.  Please indicate your assessment of each according to the following scale.

1. This change will improve access to library resources for me.
2. This option is acceptable to me.
3.   I have no opinion about this option.
4.   This option will be inconvenient for my access to needed library resources.
5. This option would be very detrimental to my access to library resources.

Move Library West lower use materials in Dewey Decimal Classification to another location, probably Marston Science Library compact shelving.
Move Government Documents collection and services (from the 2nd floor of Library West)  to another location, probably Marston Science Library.
Move journals that are no longer being published out of Library West to storage collection.
Move older journals (e.g., more than 20 years old) out of Library West to storage collection.
Move journals that are available in electronic format out of Library West to storage collection.
Add shelving to Room 100 Smathers Library (Library East), eliminating study space.
Fill main floor with moveable compact shelves and remove Reference to 2nd or 3rd floor. 
Other Comments:
You may print and mail this survey to PO Box 117001, Gainesville, FL 32611; hand deliver to Room 204 Library West; or send via fax to 392-7251.  Altervatively, you may fill this survey out online at

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