Interlibrary Loan - Service Update

The University of Florida Smathers Libraries' Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service continues to improve in offering its users the best possible service. Our turnaround time for getting materials for users has much improved with the implementation of the Distance Learning Library Initiative (DLLI) state courier. With this courier, which picks up and delivers on a daily basis to Library West, we have been able to obtain materials much faster from the State University System (SUS) institutions and other Florida libraries. Materials that formerly took a week or more now are delivered in a couple of days. 
In addition to the ILL print and Web forms, users may now submit interlibrary loan requests via WebLUIS and LUIS. The WebLUIS SUS ILL request forms give users a more convenient way to submit ILL requests. The benefits of the WebLUIS SUS ILL request forms to users are:

  • Submission of ILL requests can be made while in a WebLUIS database without having to fill in the citation information (i.e., General Academic Index)
  • Submission of a "blank" ILL request form where the user fills in the citation information is also available
  • Patrons will save time in submitting their requests because they will not have to complete a hand-written form
  • A copy of the request that the user submits is sent to the user's email address; so that he/she has a record of what's been ordered via ILL
Because receiving ILL requests via the WebLUIS catalog will greatly benefit library users and staff, the Interlibrary Loan office will be promoting the WebLUIS SUS ILL form as the ILL form of choice. 
During the Fall semester, we will be encouraging users to try the new forms and to provide us with feedback.
David Fuller
Interlibrary Loan Librarian 

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