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Volume 10. Issue 4

The George A. Smathers Libraries are embarking on a pilot project designed to extend our services to UF students, faculty and staff. Beginning on March 13, you will be able to connect with a librarian from your home or office, ask a question and receive a response in real time.  This new service, based on MOO software which creates an Internet accessible "virtual space" for you and librarians to interact, is called Ref eXpress.  It will be available from 9-11 am and 9-11 pm Mon. - Thurs. and from 9-11 pm Sunday. The initial pilot project will run from March 13 to May 4. Depending on interest and staffing, we hope to continue the service and expand hours in the future. We encourage you to connect with Ref eXpress at
Ann Lindell, Alice Primack, Jana Ronan, Mimi Pappas, and Colleen Seale
Ref eXpress Team

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