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these titles were collated and checked in  and prepared for filming by staff and students of the Preservation Department. Extensive documentation was produced to track the exact whereabouts of each title throughout the filming process.
      This collaborative cataloging and microfilming project between the University of Florida and the University of Miami is part of the United States Newspaper Program (USNP), a cooperative national effort among the states and the federal government to locate, catalog, and preserve on microfilm newspapers published in the United States from the eighteenth century to the present. This NEH funded initiative has existed in various phases for almost a decade in all 50 states, with thousands of titles cataloged and millions of images microfilmed as a result.
 In 1993 the state of Florida, with coordination provided by the University of Florida libraries, joined the USNP.  Initial efforts in 1993-94 centered on compiling a database of all extant newspaper titles held in the state and a survey was conducted of 1,000 likely newspapers repositories. 
         Since 1995, over 3,000 Florida newspaper titles have been cataloged, and made accessible in the University of Florida's public catalog, as well as in OCLC, a national cataloging database. In addition, a total of 171 newspaper titles (736 reels) have been microfilmed for preservation.
 A web site has been developed for the Florida  Newspaper Project at
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