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  It was originally set up as two basic files: one arranged by date and the other by printer/publishers. In the fall, Hilton Soto of the Systems Dept. wrote a database program that made the site fully searchable. Since then University of Florida and Universitat de Barcelona staff have been discussing cooperating in the development of the databases. The two databases overlap, but do not duplicate one another. In the Barcelona database, which is linked directly to their online catalog, one can search through the list of printers (which also includes nonstandard versions of their names) and go to the records of devices associated with that printer. The Florida database gives information about the size of the device, bibliographic information about the book in which it is located, and a citation from a reference source to the device when available.  The bibliographic record in the online catalog includes a link to the database. By cooperating, both institutions can avail themselves of each other's scanned images and bibliographic citations. On February 2, the George A. Smathers Libraries and the Biblioteca Universitat de Barcelona formally agreed to share the information and digitized images in their online printers' devices databases. The descriptions of the devices are in Catalan in the Barcelona database, but Neus Verger has provided an English language version of the search page.

Jeffrey Barr
Special and Area Studies Collections

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