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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

II. C. 1 First Criterion:  Professional Responsibility and Working Relationships

Standard: Nominees must achieve distinction in this criterion.  Distinction is recognized when the evidence demonstrates sustained, high-quality contributions to librarianship (or the candidate's area of responsibility) that enhance library services, foster new knowledge, support the University's mission, and provide leadership to the profession.


The Tenure and Promotion Committee will look for evidence that the nominee has mastered his or her job, performs it effectively, and is committed to the University’s mission. The Libraries of the University of Florida subscribe to the philosophy that sound working relationships are integral to effective job performance.  The highly interactive nature of research libraries and research institutions require that library faculty be able to work effectively with a wide variety of staff in all areas of the Library and the University, colleagues within the State, as well as with faculty and students. Among the considerations are the following:

  1. Mastery of job responsibilities.
    • specific examples that the nominee understands how his/her work contributes to the goals of the University
    • specific examples that the nominee understands what is expected of him/her and whether he/she is meeting those expectations
    • specific examples that the nominee understands the systems, programs, policies, and constituencies with which he/she has to deal in order to complete assignments and that the work is performed with skill and dedication
    • specific examples that the nominee exercises independent judgment effective to the degree commensurate with the position’s responsibilities and the nominee’s rank.
    • specific examples that the nominee has successfully completed continuing education or equivalent course work in a subject field appropriate to his/her assignments. Successful completion of academic credit programs, and on-line training courses from academic institutions, libraries, professional organizations and/or information companies that improved the quality of his /her work are also acceptable.
  1. Effectiveness at fulfilling responsibilities.
    • specific examples of increasing effectiveness and a high level of performance over a period of several years
    • specific examples of high quality projects, publications, reports, grant proposals, response to service requests, instruction or teaching sessions, cataloging and websites
    • specific examples of ability to prioritize and to make effective use of time (including other people’s time)
    • specific examples of success at interdepartmental, interdivisional, institutional, and interagency collaboration (this is also a working relationship)
    • specific examples of initiative and creativity in improving service to users and/or in developing programs
  1. Commitment of University, Libraries, research librarianship.
    • specific examples of constructive approach to planning and problem solving
    • specific examples of efforts to further the performance and successfully support the mission of the unit, department, the Library and the University (this is also a working relationship)
    • specific examples that the nominee has developed and/or taught relevant sessions in academic courses or credit courses or components of such a course
    • specific examples of integrity in dealing with the organization and with colleagues
  1. Development of good working relationships.
    • specific examples that the nominee treats others with understanding, dignity and respect.
    • specific examples that the nominee strives for understanding of performance expectations and both encourages and considers staff participation in decisions that affect the workplace.
    • specific examples that the nominee communicates effectively and works well with individuals, in teams and on committees


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