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Laptop/Computer Equipment Checkout Procedures

All Library portable computer equipment (laptops and peripherals, projectors, etc.) will be inventoried through Systems. The assigned department will control the in-house location of portable equipment outside of Systems. The same temporary checkout procedures for use of portable equipment throughout the libraries will be applied. 

For laptops etc. from Systems, the user contacts SYSHELP via phone or email and places a reservation for a laptop. After collecting all the relevant data (dates of checkout, what type of software or hardware they require) the reservation is logged into the Checkout Notebook. When the user comes to pick up the item, they have to sign it out in the Notebook. Upon return, the laptop has to be checked back in. If the user does not return the laptop by the time indicated, s/he is contacted and asked to return it.  Special approval from the Systems Department Head is required if a reservation is requested for a period of two weeks or more. Back-to-back, continuing checkouts also require approval.  

If the person indicated the need for particular hardware upon reservation, this equipment is included with the laptop at checkout (and note what extras were dispensed on the reservation form). When the unit is returned, each peripheral is checked off on the reservation form to assure all items have been brought back.

When the unit is returned, there is a spot on the check-in form where the user can list any problems they may have encountered. The software is upgraded by the Systems staff as warranted.

In other departments where laptops are permanently assigned, it is the department chair’s responsibility to have staff follow the same above procedures whenever the portable equipment leaves the department. The department chair is also responsible for maintaining an accurate and up-to-date written record of where the equipment is at all times, and making this record accessible through the department office. Logsheets will be reviewed periodically by Systems and/or the Administration. Department chairs will notify their directors when signing out equipment for personal use.

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