The University of Florida Libraries
Policy Statement on Cataloging and cataloging Priorities
It is the policy of the University of Florida LIbraries to catalog permanent additions to the collections which are complete bibliographic entities and which meet the criteria set by the national databases (OCLC and RLIN) for unique editions or publications.  Items will be cataloged as expeditiously as possible given copy available, priority of material and indication of user need.

Full level cataloging, defined as complete descriptive cataloging, including the establishment of original name and series authority decision records, and complete call number and subject analysis, will be provided for priority materials and whenever such catalog copy is available.  Minimal level cataloging currently defined as basic descriptive cataloging, following established name and series authority decisions and basic call number and subject analysis, will be provided for all other publications acquired by the UF Libraries.

The following types of material will be cataloged upon receipt and will not be shelved in the arrearage:

A.  External requests/high risk material
Titles which are marked "rush" by Collection Management
Titles which have circulated uncataloged
Reference materials
High risk titles (very expensive titles, videos, etc.)
B.  Type of materials
UF theses
Materials in established specialties:
Caribbean and other LAC priority titles
Special Collections
Preservation microforms
Replacement copies which are not "adds"
C.  Bulky items
Multi-volume sets with several volumes and other bulky/awkward items
Titles with several copies
D.  Other
Series which have been determined to have priority for cataloging
Titles on timely topics (identified by cataloging staff)
Other materials which have no catalog copy when received will be shelved in the arrearage for six months to one year.  These will be re-searched during that time for copy and those without copy will be reviewed for original cataloging.

These materials will not routinely be accepted for cataloging although selectors may request cataloging in particular cases:

Pre prints
Off prints
Reprints of journal articles in cases where UF owns the journal title
Course syllabi

Please send any questions or comments to: Cynthia Bowker

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