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Smathers Libraries Career Development Handbook

III.3. Salary Pay Plan for University Librarians


Design.  The Salary Pay Plan for Professors is designed to recognize highly productive performance in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service. This award is meant for those who have contributed to the full life of the university, consistent with the faculty member's assignment.

Under this program, Professors are eligible for a nine percent pay increase based on the performance standards for promotion to Professor. The pay increase is for the state portion of the contract.

Eligibility for consideration in 2006-2007.  Professors, including Eminent Scholars, Graduate Research Professors, Distinguished Service Professors, Curators, Librarians, and Extension Agents IV, are eligible to submit a packet for this award in AY 2006-2007 if they first held the current academic rank in 1999-2000.  To qualify, a Senior Faculty’s record should provide clear evidence that s/he has been highly productive in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service during the previous seven years. 

Distinguished Professors are eligible for consideration for this salary increase after having held this title for three years.  Those who held the title of Distinguished Professor prior to 2003/2004 and who have not received an award are eligible for consideration this year.

General eligibility considerations.  This program is designed to evaluate senior faculty based on performance. Faculty who apply for this award but do not receive it may apply for consideration again after three years have elapsed. Faculty who receive this award will not be eligible for consideration until after seven years have elapsed.

Process for Evaluating Senior Faculty:  The Provost’s Office will send a list of eligible Faculty to the colleges.  The process for selecting faculty for this pay adjustment will parallel the University’s tenure and promotion process. 

Packet Guidelines:  Candidates must submit a tenure and promotion packet prepared according to the 2006-2007 Tenure and Promotion Guidelines, and these supplemental guidelines: (1) no internal or external letters of evaluation should be included in the packet, (2) information should be included in the packet for the preceding seven years, except in the case of teaching evaluations, which should be included for the preceding five years, and (3) a prescribed cover memo should be attached to the front of the packet with the faculty member's name, UF ID, Department/School, campus address and phone number, academic rank, date of most recent promotion, and the candidate's signature. Candidates should highlight their activities since the date of their promotion to full Professor or the date of their most recent promotion (e.g. to Distinguished Professor). 

Process in Departments:  All eligible candidates will be evaluated initially in their departments and programs by chairs and program/center directors, with the assistance of the tenure and promotion committee(s) where possible (and using departmental promotion criteria, where available).  If all full professors are eligible for this award in a department or program, then only the chair or program/center director will review the eligible candidates.  Chairs, program/center directors, and committees should review a faculty member’s packet, focusing especially on the faculty member’s activities during the preceding seven years.   The chair and/or program/center director should also submit a letter ranking all the candidates submitting packets and a statement explaining the ranking of each candidate.  Each statement should be no longer than one-half page, single-spaced.  If the chair or program/center director is eligible for the salary increase, the dean will rank that person separately.  Assistant and associate deans who are eligible will be evaluated within their departments.  Chairs and assistant/associate deans will be evaluated on the basis of their teaching, research, and administrative service.

Process in Colleges:  The recommendations of the departments and programs/centers will be reviewed by the Deans of the Colleges, with the assistance of their College Tenure and Promotion committees. If all full professors or a significant majority of full professors on the College Tenure and Promotion Committee are eligible for the salary adjustment, the Dean may appoint other full professors to advise him/her.  The Deans must submit a ranked list of all candidates, indicating which candidates are most qualified, with a brief statement explaining why. 

The names of all eligible professors submitting packets, whether recommended or not by the Deans, shall be sent forward to the Provost on or before February 06, 2007.  Only those packets recommended by the Dean for the special pay increase will be reviewed by the Academic Personnel Board. Packets will be due in the Academic Personnel Office, Room 29 Tigert Hall on February 09, 2007. The final decision on these pay raises shall be made by the President and the Provost. The salary increases will take effect in the 2007-2008 fiscal year when normal faculty pay raises take effect.



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