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Key Staff Contacts:

Ann Lindell

Acting Music Librarian
Fall 2012

Michele Wilbanks
Library Associate 2

Mary (Mame) Wood

Library Assistant 3


Music Library 
231 MUB 
PO Box 117900 
Gainesville, FL 32611-7900


Listening Equipment

The following equipment is available for use in the Music Library:

Cassette Tape Players

CD Players

DVD Players

Laser Disc Player

Reel to Reel Tape Player


Video Cassette Players

The Music Library does not loan or rent equipment. However, if you click here you will link to Classroom Support which does loan.

Other Equipment

2 flatbed scanners are available.


Paper cutter, hole punch, stapler, and pencil sharpener are also available. Patrons are expected to bring their own paper and writing instruments.




Music LibraryComputers/Printer/Copier

The Music Library has 7 windows-based computer workstations for accessing library catalogs, indexes, online texts, and the World Wide Web.

Word Processing and other production software are also available. Ask staff for assistance using these machines.

All public computer workstations are networked to a centrally accessible laser printer (black/white only). 

You can charge these copies to your Gator-One. For additional info please visit 

One black/white public photocopy machine.

Music Library
Contact Information: Phone (352) 273-2815  Fax (352) 846-2748