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Key Staff Contacts:

Ann Lindell

Acting Music Librarian
Fall 2012

Michele Wilbanks
Library Associate 2

Mary (Mame) Wood

Library Assistant 3

Music Library 
231 MUB 
PO Box 117900 
Gainesville, FL 32611-7900


Library Conduct

The following policy was adopted to protect the rights and safety of library users and staff and to maintain an atmosphere conducive to research and study. Please observe the rules and guidelines outlined below. Please report activities that interfere with your use of the libraries or that represent violation of these rules to the service desk.  

  • The consumption or display of food and drink is not allowed in the library.
  • Smoking and use of tobacco products are not permitted in the library. (UF tobacco policy)
  • Cell phones may not be used within the library.
  • Skateboards, rollerskates, in line skates, or similar devices may not be used in the libraries. (UF rule 6c1-2.0162)
  • Library users should be considerate of others by keeping noise levels low enough not to disrupt study and research of others.  Due to the small size of the library, group activity requiring discussion is discouraged.
  • Library users are responsible for their personal belongings and should not leave them unattended.
  • Library users should abide by the libraries' computer policies as outlined in Computer Use Policy.
  • Library users are expected to comply with library policies that relate to fair use and copyright law compliance and to license agreements governing use of certain library resources.
  • Theft or mutilation of materials will be prosecuted through campus authorities and the police. (UF rule 6c1-1.008b)
  • Disruptive, inappropriate, or threatening behavior will be reported to the police and campus authorities. (UF rule 6c1-1.008)

Policies for CDs, DVDs, and other recordings

Sound (CD, LP, cassette) and video (DVD, VHS, and laserdisc) recordings in the Music Library collection were obtained primarily to support the coursework and research of the School of Music faculty and students.  To ensure availability and disc playability over time, the recordings do not circulate; see provisions below for use of items for classroom projects.

The library has a number of audio/video playback machines and headphones for use of these materials in the library.  The Music Library has no recording equipment.  It is playback only. 

Building Use (for classroom projects):  Recordings may be requested for use in class lectures, etc. within the Music Building.  The recording(s) may be picked up 15 minutes before class time and must be returned within 15 minutes of class ending.  



Music Library

Music Library
Contact Information: Phone (352) 273-2815  Fax (352) 846-2748