Systems Staff Meeting Notes 10/18/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
October 18, 1999

Present: Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Everett Phillips, Suzy Shaw, Hilton Soto, Ying Tang
  1. Everett was on TV - 5K run in Pensacola.
  2. Network Coordinator position - 8 applications are currently in the pool - one has a very large resume, but no work experience. One is entirely too good to be true. Two or three seem conventional & should work. Will start interviewing soon.
  3. People PC is advertising new Toshiba computers for $25 per month for 3 years, onsite tech help, intel processor & internet access. Can't figure out how it works - if these firesale prices continue, we may redirect future ordering.
  4. Unknown needs tend to pop up when Bill is out on vacation. Everything should be cleared through Martha.
Review Minutes of 10/11/99
  1. Nine Cow order for Library Office is on the move again.
Ongoing Systems Updates

  1. One in six installations of O2K are proving problematic. Each has to be worked through on an individual basis.
  2. Some departments are way behind on software upgrades and are attempting to get up to speed all at once.
  3. HD upgrades are definitely necessary when upgrading to Win'98, then Office 2000 should be installed. Even if they are still on Exchange, O2K will upgrade them to Outlook.
  4. Patches & updated versions of Win'98 need to be downloaded from the Microsoft website. We will not be getting updated versions of the installation CD's.
  1. Wiring - will come in on FCLA money. Martha will have the final draft of the FCLA funds this week, may actually have the money by next week. It is unknown if a massive order will go out immediately following the deposit of the FCLA funds.
  2. Network wiring documentation: West is complete, East & MSL are half done, AFA is about 3/4 finished and Music has not been done at all.
  3. The SOMBA server needed a larger HD for the ATC standalone. Should be complete this afternoon.
Software Projects Status
  1. New version of the ATC data files was downloaded last week. Improvements to the system allowed for faster download - 5 hours vs. 24 hours. Winston is working on automating the download to once a week.
  2. Hilton is fast becoming an expert on InterDev - he's working on tape nine.
  3. Winston is working on getting the first laser printer assigned to a NERDC remote port ID for Trish Vice's SAMAS printouts. NERDC can route the information via IP address - will need to mark those IP's specifically on the current net list to make sure they are not changed.
DP Coordinator
  1. Maps has about 30 SPOT tapes that they are unable to read. They will need Debra to bring the originals to Sharon Wheeler at NERDC to make working copies to give to the Geography department who ultimately makes CD's from them. Debra is working to coordinate the project.
  1. Bill out Oct. 20 - November 2.
  2. Suzy out Oct. 21 - November 2.
  3. Everett out Oct. 22 - November 2.
  4. Homecoming Picnic Friday, November 5.

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