Systems Staff Meeting Notes 9/27/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
September 27, 1999

Present: Rich Bennett, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Bobbie Meng, Everett Phillips, Ying Tang
  1. The Network Coordinator position will be posted until October 6.
  2. Mail Procedures - meeting with Facilities last week yielded some procedural changes: everything received by them & destined for Systems will not be opened. No papers will be removed. They are to route the shipment over to Systems. They only need to check the box count and inspect the shipment for visible damage. Eventually, once an address change is in effect, the shipments will come directly to us. UPS & Fed Ex will start showing up at the back door with shipments. The table currently located in front of the inner vault will be removed to provide an area for shipment storage until the vaults can be made available.
    Copies of PO's & invoices must be routed to Barbara Oliver's crew within 24 hours. Bobbie & Everett will be responsible for this, so they must be informed when shipments have been received. These changes are effective immediately. Bill needs to be notified if these procedures are not being followed.
    A second sign-in sheet will be located in the Order Room next to the back door to keep track of visitors using the back door to access Systems.
  3. New NT user ids - lots of new folks incoming - Bill has created a couple of new groups in the NT domain. "Real Users" is the major one - all new users need to be added to it, students included. These groups have been created to prevent lockouts.
  4. FCLA spending plan - Martha & Bill will try to get it out this week.
  5. Office 2000 - Bill has put it up on NT2 for Systems staff to test. Wait until Bill gives the word before downloading (Publisher is misbehaving & Outlook was going a little crazy). Systems will not assist anyone trying to upgrade from Win'95 to Office 2000. When it is ready to be made available for the entire Library staff, a general announcement will be made.
  6. Water was delivered to the Conference Room under the new account last week. Need to alert Debra when he returns with the next delivery. He needs to take the empties in the Document Room and credit them to the old Library Administration account.
  7. The Homecoming Picnic has been scheduled for Friday, November 5. Winston will be grilling burgers again. Debra will not coordinate food requests this year, simply fill your form out and send it directly to Susan Lupi in Special Collections.
Ongoing Systems Updates
  1. Liaisons should be getting their hardware lists to Bill in response to the FCLA funding plan.
  1. New viruses: SUPPL.DOC, looks like a WORD blank document then sets a timer - 7 days later it does bad things to your files. A fix has not appeared at McAfee yet. Do not open any attachment sent with SUPPL.DOC. There has also been a rash of chain letters promising free goods. Ignore!
  2. Bobbie has been working on the network documentation. Everett has been taking on the computer problem workload.
  3. Systems had a sudden request to set up network connections in the Library West conference room during the middle of a meeting. It will soon be wired permanently with a work station & projector.
  4. Server relocation project - NT 3 & 4 are currently housed in the Teak Suite. Various spaces have been proposed for use as server rooms - one was the back half of room 231 West. We'd prefer room 239. Looks like we will be getting some kind of permanent space in West, but ultimately we want to house the servers in the Systems tape vault.
Software Projects Status
  1. All databases have been removed from NT7 and put on to NT4. NT7 is basically file storage. SQL server has been removed from NT7.
  2. Special Collections has requested a database similar to Elena's & Florida History's. Hilton is working on this project. Will include printer devices for Rare Books - with images & information to be web accessible. Hilton will be using InterDev & the database will be stored on the SQL server.
  3. Ying is still working on the IR database. She is currently working on an inventory location within Systems & has coded two different versions to access the data.
  1. Bobbie Meng out October 6.
  2. Bill & Suzy will be out October 20 - November 2.
  3. Everett will be out October 22 - November 1.
  4. Homecoming Picnic November 5.

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