Systems Staff Meeting Notes 6/7/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
June 7, 1999

Present: Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Ashley Jones, Bobbie Meng, Everett Phillips, Suzy Shaw, Ying Tang
  1. Keys, locks & such - the entire Systems staff is now using the Intellikey system, students included. When closing up for the evening, the deadbolt needs to be thrown on the door between room 10 & the hallway. Simply shutting it is not sufficient. Do not throw the deadbolt on the front door (room 10) during normal business hours - it will lockout the students, facilities & staff. Christian Conrad's key will be set like the students (front door access only).
  2. Christian Conrad is now working for the University CIO, not the Libraries. The CIO now has his own domain, There was a meeting of IR user groups where the decision was announced. A comprehensive plan for UF Information Resources will be submitted to the Provost this week. Within the next 2-4 weeks we may hear something official. There is no physical space for Christian in Tigert at the moment - he will remain on the 3rd floor of East. Suzy will stay upstairs for awhile as well.
  3. It is rumored that Ron Schoenau announced that all campus is off ATM.
  4. Ashley has accepted a job at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. He is still trying to sell his house, but some day next week will be his last day.
  5. There are rumors of mass movements of departments within the Libraries. Preservation may be breaking into 2 or 3 separate entities. They may even relocate off-campus. A Digital Library is in the works.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. We shouldn't be seeing the next large Gateway order for at least four weeks, the PO number was just assigned today.
  2. No word on the CISCO switches.
  3. HD orders continue - we're awaiting one as we speak. Everett has been installing them at a rapid pace.
  4. Emergency-need orders have been cropping up with frequency - however, new purchases will not be likely until after July 1.
  5. A hub was down this morning in Systems, Ashley changed it to the MBI port - it's now fixed.
  1. Windows'98 installation manuals were distributed.
  2. Training sessions will begin soon, probably right after the July 4th holiday. Bobbie & Everett will be included so they will be aware of the curriculum.
  1. Ashley is working on documentation for full weekly & incremental backups.
  2. Bill is working on documentation for mail server and nightly backups.
  3. New wiring rack installed in room 16E in Systems.
  4. Wiring in Music to be done this afternoon.
  5. West wiring will occur in segments over this week.
  6. East - 2nd & 3rd floor long jumper terminated.
  7. Wiring in Education has been completed.
  8. There were problems with the IP addresses in the upper range at the print release stations in West. Some numbers that were given to Xerox were already assigned in Education by Carol Whitmer. Bill reports that Dan Mason may be returning as the Xerox technician.
Software Projects Status
  1. SQL server for Back Office v.7 - Winston is looking into upgrading it this month.
  2. Microsoft gave a presentation last Thursday on the future: Windows 2000, Web distribution, SQL server, etc. Most of it was from the developers point of view. Everything will be based on HTML. Office 2000 was supposed to be out today, but it will actually be out on June 10. Visual Basic - Corell has been licensed to be included, built underpinning to write things. MODE - Microsoft Office Developer Edition. We'll be upgrading to Office 2000 this summer. Access database can be easily upgraded to SQL server. Access may be upgraded to multi-tasking. MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server) is a three tiered application with "middleware" as the software connecting the clients to the server. This should make the process more efficient.
  3. Winston & Bill are working on pulling an extract of the ATC, randomly sampling library materials to see if they actually exist. They'll be looking at 200 items per sample, extracted from each area. This is for the closed stack task force.
  4. Mellon - there are some problems with the database related to the Cuban Missile Crisis - the data wasn't coded correctly.
  5. Ying & Bobbie are working on revisions to the IR database. Ying has been having connectivity problems to the SQL server.
  6. Carolyn has been tutored in LASSIE. Brian needs to discuss IP addresses with Rich. Carolyn, Cynthia Bowker, Marie Kennedy & a student can all access the database & are entering data, slowly building the information.
DP Coordinator
  1. Compustat tape exchange - Bill has not yet contacted the person at some other university that has readable Compustat tapes with the same format as ours. Once we have that information, we will send them single & multi-volume tapes to determine if they can read ours. If they can't, it's probably defective media, if they can't - it's probably an operations problem.
  1. Brian - out June 14-18 at an InterDev Conference.
  2. Rich out June 14.
  3. Everett out June 21.
  4. Rich out June 25-29 (ALA).
  5. Winston out July 1 & 2.
  6. Everett will be out July 2-9.
  7. Bobbie, Ying and Winston out July 12-16.
  8. Brian may be out July 30.

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