Systems Staff Meeting Notes 5/3/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
May 3, 1999

Present: Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Ashley Jones, Bobbie Meng, Everett Phillips, Suzy Shaw, Ying Tang
  1. The new Web Administrator, Christian Conrad, will be starting this Friday, May 7. He will be stationed upstairs on the 3rd floor along with Suzy, who will begin to relocate this week. The Webmaster Suite will be on our Systems key #127.
  2. Everett participated in a nude running event in Lutz, Florida over the weekend. He said it was cold and he did not run very well.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. John Ashcraft was asking about the installation of Windows'98 on all the MSL public machines during this week's break. We are going to hold off installing it on the public machines for now - we'll go ahead and get familiar with it on the staff machines. All of our department should have it (except the NT users). Windows'98 Version 2 should be out sometime this year. Windows CE is also in the works, it will work as a standalone network box. Windows 2000 is due out around October. Office 2000 will be out in the very near future. Currently, we have enough Win'98 licenses to cover staff machines. We do need more of the media.
  2. Proxy Service Expansion - the proxy filter is continuing to expand, it currently has over 100 users. The liaisons asked for a list of filtered sites, so Suzy & Debra set up a website that can be reached via a link on the LiAison Confidential! page. The site is only open to liaisons & requires an NT password. It is only accessible via Internet Explorer. Netscape will not work. There are almost 30 sites being filtered at the moment. We recently added some chat room sites. The proxy server is working much better than the previous filtering servers.
  3. Room 419 LAC is currently available for the storage of returned equipment. Need to check out the room - if necessary, we'll re-key the door to the systems key.
  1. The filtered VLANs will need to be changed from private to public IP. Liaisons will have to reconfigure the public work stations.
  2. We'll also need to clear out the first 30 IP's for the new incoming network switches. Let Bill know when this is complete so he can alert NERDC.
  3. Wiring - Six of the racks are in, 5 have been installed in MSL. We're still waiting on 2 small racks for the classroom. AFA is in progress.
  4. 50-60 switches are due in by the end of June, beginning of July.
  5. Email fraud - recent case involves the impersonation of 2 professors and resulted in the cancellation of exams. There is suspicion that the person was caught on videotape. Two TA's are reviewing video today at MSL. The fallout from this type of activity will inevitably be further cry for user authentication. The automated authentication mechanism is not working yet, however, there is a package available commercially. It may be very soon that a sign-on is requested, with at least a GatorLink id. Outside researchers may have to sign-in on paper.
  6. The problem with the Internet router was fixed, the ATM changeover should have been Sunday. We should be back to ATM at this moment. Something else broke on Friday afternoon, but, in general, the network is working.
  7. Denial of Service attacks - someone from the outside was flooding us. Turned out to be in retaliation from an inside attack. These occurrences are expected to continue.
Software Projects Status
  1. Winston released the French version & has incorporated it into Mellon for Erich.
  2. Ying has completed the IR database coding, will be testing & reviewing it this week.
  3. LASSIE - Brian working on an entry mechanism for old licenses.
  4. Winston received a call from Glenda this morning regarding Barbara Oliver's computer - she keeps getting a message recommending that she get an update from Microsoft. She just needs to answer in the affirmative & it will automatically update the software. Everyone should have the critical & recommended updates.
DP Coordinator
  1. This week is break week - no students. Next week will see the return of Lindsey & Leo and the addition of a new student, Brian Monk.
  1. Ashley out May 10-13.
  2. Brian out May 13 & 14.
  3. Rich out May 14.
  4. Brian out May 28-June 1.
  5. Bobbie and Winston both out July 12-July 16.

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