Systems Staff Meeting Notes 4/19/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
April 19, 1999

Present: Rich Bennett, Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Ashley Jones, Everett Phillips, Suzy Shaw, Ying Tang
  1. WCW Monday Nitro tonight at the O'Connell Center!
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. The order for 40 new Cows has been placed. We finally got them to accept our money, so we will stick with Gateway as our vendor for now. These machines will all be 64M and should arrive with tower cases. Ashley notes that they will be shipping the monitors prior to the rest of the order. We'll have to arrange for each department to make two different pickups. We really want the departments to be able to make the pick up as soon as possible after their arrival - maybe even the same day, if possible.
  2. We've ordered another round of Windows'98 licenses - for 250 work stations. We should soon be able to accelerate the installation rate. Bill is currently searching for appropriate Windows'98 documentation. He is currently considering an 800-paged book - if it is good, we will order more.
  3. The wireless order has been made. It uses frequency hopping radio bandwidth. We have ordered a pair of wireless access points and three interface units for laptops. It operates on microwave frequency. We may need to use more elaborate antennas for better penetration. These will be 2 megahertz. There is one on the market that is 10, but it is not yet standardized. The company, Symbol Tech, is the same company from whom we purchase the barcode readers. We plan on using the wireless system first in Special Collections. We're also hoping it will work in the stacks in West, East, and MSL. The access point is the most expensive part, if it can cover the whole building, we'll be in good shape. It can provide access for up to 40 remotes. It will be a test of the technology for us, we'll be experimenting to see how it performs. Symbol Tech also has a prototype for a wireless connected, palm sized barcode reader that we are interested in.
  4. We are also interested in a hand-held HP scanner. It is swiped over a document and can store the image - then it can spew the pages out to a computer or just print right off of a printer. It's expensive in comparison to a regular scanner, but compared to the price of a regular scanner and computer - it's feasible. We're considering getting some on an experimental basis.
  1. Some of the outside list mail is not getting through to us as of this weekend. Suzy is gathering information as to what lists are working & what ones are not. Investigation is ongoing.
  2. There was a brief outage on the public terminals over the weekend.
  3. The Proxy Service is expanding to a dozen sites, Judiaca will be added. Eventually the settings on work stations will have to be changed. Yahoo! and Excite search engines will not have to be shut off. Bill thinks he has found a way to just filter out their mail & member services.
  4. Wiring Projects: the Webmaster Suite is complete. Ashley will inform Facilities so they can get the phone installation underway. They are currently working on the third floor. MSL - drops are done, need to do the fiber. AFA - need to do the fiber Ashley is compiling a list of our network equipment. We may be able to do a port exchange with CISCO. If it's possible, we could get $50 per port in credit.
  5. Ashley had a call about a work station that could not get to a particular website, but a work station in another department was able to access it. Suzy notes that last week there was a big error in the DNS server tables. This problem should be fixed now.
Software Projects Status
  1. Resource Services upload program can be taken off the list for now.
  2. LASSIE is on hold, pending more data entry. Bill notes that they must have plenty of backlogged information to input. Need to check with Carolyn and/or Cecilia to locate the data & have it entered.
  3. LIS: OPS tracking - Nadika & Laydene have been entering OPS tracking information. Need to have report capabilities added to it. We mainly need raw numbers - showing money and hours.
  4. There's a student working with Alena Aissing to put her data up on the web via the SQL server.
  5. Jack Waters is working with Carolyn on a statistical project using Access. The project uses linked spreadsheets & may ultimately become ours.
DP Coordinator
  1. Spring semester ends this Wednesday - finals end next week. Student attendance will start to wane by the end of this week. The summer semester begins May 11.
  1. Brian will be out tomorrow, April 20.
  2. Everett out April 26.
  3. Ashley will tentatively be out on Wednesday, April 28.
  4. Brian out May 13 & 14.
  5. Brian out May 28-June 1.
  6. Bobbie out July 12-July 16.

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