Systems Staff Meeting Notes 4/12/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
April 12, 1999

Present: Rich Bennett, Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Ashley Jones, Bobbie Meng, Everett Phillips, Ying Tang
  1. Logo submissions: Technology with Teeth, Rosie the Riveter, UF, Furby, F.A.R.T. (Fast Action Response Team). Submission deadline extended for one more week.
  2. Winston's bottle-fed lamb was the star of the Easter pageant at the Performing Arts Center.
  3. Ashley announced that he is moving to Boca Raton along with his pastor to start a new church, The Rock of Boca Delray. His current contract ends on July 1st and (providing that he can sell his house) that will probably be his last day.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. Barcode readers on order.
  2. Gateways canceled, order resubmitted.
  3. Discussion on the recent confusion with incoming orders - when they're received, etc. Packing lists are often removed. Bill should be informed if we receive items without a packing slip. We may be able to have a link to order tracking on the IR database.
  1. Per LMG, 'super liaison' training is off the table.
  2. Talk of training courses for 25 to 40 active liaisons at $1200 a head. Viewed as expensive, seen as an inefficient spending of funds. Final conclusion is to offer the training session once & see what happens. The session will be held sometime this summer, over a 2-3 day period. Systems & outside vendors will conduct presentations.
  3. After this session is complete, we will try to determine if it is a worthwhile investment. Possible alternatives include expanding the Systems staff to 4 or 5 more people or sending Systems personnel off to training sessions and upon return they would train the staff. Brian anxiously offered to be trained to teach. Bill notes that we have not had too much success with that technique in the past.
  1. Multiple internet router crashes occurred this weekend. ATM is still off the CORE. The network is not in a good state.
  2. Digital wiring in MSL - they will start with the fiber risers.
  3. New webmaster suite on the third floor should be next in the queue. Quote for 6 phones and 10 computer drops is $1000.
  4. Wireless project in the 3rd floor stacks (Special Collections) will be next. We're trying to get IBM equipment for the job. If the first project works, we'll try it in another location - probably the off-site storage facility. It's possible that we may go with it throughout all the Libraries.
  5. Dan Miller from NERDC is working on the 2 IP's in LAC that require patron ID authentication to access Eureka through FCLA.
  6. Network address translator (NAT) - NERDC said that FCLA has the part needed to allow private IP's to be able to access them, they just have not installed it yet.
  7. Phantom port errors - horizontal feed - resetting it makes errors disappear.
  8. Linux server is not up yet.
Software Projects Status
  1. The software side of the IR database is ready for beta-testing.
  2. Richard Phillips is done with the French portion of the Mellon database, Winston is trying to get it in.
  3. Winston upgraded SQL server 7.0, NT4 & NT7. These are trial versions, good until August 8, 1999.
DP Coordinator
  1. Students are set up for the summer: Lindsay & Leo will return along with a new employee, Brian Monk.
  1. Winston out Friday, April 16.
  2. Everett out April 26.
  3. Brian out May 13 & 14.
  4. Brian out May 28-June 1.
  5. Bobbie out July 12-July 16.

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