Systems Staff Meeting Notes 4/5/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
April 5, 1999

Present: Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Ashley Jones, Bobbie Meng, Suzy Shaw, Ying Tang
  1. Author of the Melissa virus has been found. Prosecution of the individual may prove difficult unless he confesses. The way in which he was detected brings up the question of online privacy. Anonymous access is currently a very hot topic - plan on hearing a lot more of it.
  2. SQL Seminar - Winston attended it last week, one topic under discussion was the unique identifier key. It is 16 bytes long and Microsoft swears it will be "unique in all the world" (statistically). Bill thinks it would have to be built in to each SQL license. At the seminar, Winston discovered that our SQL server backup procedures can be greatly improved. It is possible for SQL server backups to restore to the minute, in cases where people lose data or maliciously delete it. (Special note: it is ONLY the SQL server that can restore to the minute - none of our other servers are capable of this function.) It allows for more statistics and query optimization tools. Winston feels the seminar was very worthwhile and received a free four-month copy. Our Back Office license is still held up.
  3. Bonuses - as announced at LMG this morning, via a memo from Capaldi - bonuses need to be handed out. On the library spreadsheet, the Systems department had three recommended - 1 A&P & 2 USPS. These recommendations will be passed up the ladder & Tigert will make the final decision. Provisions for faculty will be made, just how is unclear at the moment. This bonus is a one shot deal, there has been no deadline given for response.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. The vaults are full of equipment - Bobbie is busy trying to format the computers. Most of them are destined for survey.
  2. Need to check on Helen Jane's replacement piece for her Mac - it was OK'd by Bill - her collection project is in Mac only.
  3. Gateway order status unknown.
  4. Three laptops incoming: two for the wireless project in Special Collections & one will be available for checkout - it will be a high powered laptop, specializing in multi-media presentation.
  5. Twelve more bar code readers are on order. Distribution of the last batch went smoothly, feedback was mostly positive - some liaisons wanted them programmed a little differently.
  1. New router was installed at NERDC last Wednesday. The network is still not stable, we continue to operate in emergency mode.
  2. Trouble was reported with the Cambridge Scientific Abstracts last week. Problem was between FCLA & the vendor. It has since been fixed.
  3. Turlington Hall was unable to get to the First Search CD database. Private IP's are unable to get to FCLA - their router requires a special authorization. NAT would be required on FCLA's end. An upgrade has been authorized, but it's not there yet. This sort of thing will become increasingly problematic as the use of private IP's expands. This problem should not effect the Libraries - the sole use of private IP's is on filtered email-only work stations.
  4. Wiring Projects - Digital should be ready to start this week - Accounting has been undecided on increasing the blanket or drawing up a new encumbrance. Bill notes that they need to do a new encumbrance since it is funded by FCLA - we'll want to bird dog it closely and make sure they get started on this. We need to be particularly concerned with the 2nd floor project - it is to be used for the wireless network.
  5. Linux - can't start building the test server used for SQUID (mail filtering server) until Scott is able to switch out his P75. Once we have the server built, we'll try using it to filter mail in West. If successful, we will put out more.
Software Projects Status
  1. No updates.
DP Coordinator
  1. No updates.
  1. Everett out today.
  2. Rich out this week - April 5-9.
  3. National Student Employment Week, April 5-9.
  4. Ashley out at an NT seminar, April 19-23.
  5. Everett out April 26.
  6. Brian out May 13 & 14.

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