Systems Staff Meeting Notes 3/22/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
March 22, 1999

Present: Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Ashley Jones, Bobbie Meng, Everett Phillips, Suzy Shaw, Ying Tang
  1. Endeavor Demo - Bill attended the demo last Thursday & was very impressed with their amazingly complete system. They run a Unix box on Oracle, all fields are indexed. It's client-based with Windows'95 and does z39 interfaces. It's only necessary to learn one set of search protocols. Work on the system started just 5 years ago, they now have 215 contracts representing 400 Libraries. They have 17 million volumes on line - the cost of the system is $5.6 million. The issue that FCLA has with this company is how much control they would have over the system. Although we may not be able to modify the software, this system does everything ours does - and more. It has the ease of a standard database engine, is a standard Unix machine (it will run on NT machines) and has standard interfaces. It is possible to have our own client that speaks SQL working with it. We currently have one system for the entire SUS - in order to implement a new system, everyone would have to be on board in support. It would allow for better function & more access - we'd have the ability to change the HTML and customize local profiles, and the security can be set down to the field level. It has a lot of potential - much of the staff has NOTIS experience - and the company is entirely owned by the employees. They are currently putting the entire state of Georgia online.
  2. Please get your Spring Picnic requests in to Debra as soon as possible.
  3. It's very cold at Ft. Walton Beach in March.
Ad Hoc
  1. The recent security scan of subnets 10 & 54 went well - with the exception of one Unix, one Back Orifice at AFA and some community printer strings. We're in reasonably good shape.
  2. PKY incident - someone tried to sign on to SAMAS as Barbara Oliver under the authority sign-on and also as Phek Su on email. The odd thing is that these work stations are located either in front of the Circulation desk, or they are locked up.
  3. Recycled machine handling - We need to check recycled machines to insure they have been completely cleaned off, although, in the PKY incident, it is possible that people are whacking on things to try and get in. It could be old configuration files - not likely, but it's possible.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. The new Gateway E1200's that we recently received come integrated with an Intel card. We ordered these with 3Com adapter cards, and the result of having them both installed is that it causes a conflict when IPX is used with the video card. Ashley and Everett called Gateway - they said our order showed that 2 cards were not installed. Bobbie contacted the Gateway sales rep & found out that the next herd of cattle destined for our pastures has not left the factory yet. The sales rep, Brad, will make sure 3Com cards are not installed & the pricing will be adjusted. The 3Com cards that have been removed from this recent shipment - should we keep them? We don't want to keep them without drivers. Need to make sure of availability of drivers on the Gateway master CD. Centurion Guard problem - there is no physical room to install the Centurion Guards on the latest shipment of Cows - Bill wants to inspect, we may have to change the configuration in our order.
  1. The supervisors within individual departments are responsible for determining which liaison covers what territory.
  1. The Network has been fairly stable over the past few days - new software was added at the CORE.
  2. Wiring projects - Judy (Digital) is ready to start this week.
  3. 3rd floor closet - punchdowns were sliced during renovation, new ones have been run. Will move the closet to the head of the wiring project queue. Need to get an order out for parts.
  4. Documentation needs to be done on areas we plan on wiring - a complete set is necessary and we'll need departmental approval for each area.
Software Projects Status
  1. Upload program for Resource Services is finished. Changes were completed, program was left with Stacy Ruszczyk.
  2. ATC Standalone Catalog - in progress.
  3. LASSIE - in progress.
  4. IR database migration/revision - in progress.
  5. Alena Aissing's student has been set up on a web project - he's working on the weekends.
  6. The software project for tracking purchases & requests has been dubbed: RALPH - Requesting Apparatus for Library Purchasing and Handling.
DP Coordinator
  1. Compustat - Bill has been unable to get in contact with Andy Halula.
  1. Winston will be out March 29 - April 2.
  2. Everett will be out April 2 and April 5.
  3. Rich will be out April 6-9.

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