Systems Staff Meeting Notes 2/8/99

Systems Staff Meeting Notes
February 8, 1998

Present: Rich Bennett, Brian Burton, Bill Covey, Debra Harris, Winston Harris, Martha Hruska, Ashley Jones, Bobbie Meng, Everett Phillips, Ying Tang
  1. We have a new employee, Everett Phillips, who will be working in the position of computer repair tech. He will also work at the Reference Desk on Wednesdays (3-4 PM) & Friday (4-5 PM).
  2. Recognition of Suzy Shaw's 15 years with the Libraries.
Ongoing Systems Updates
Equipment Received/Installed/Repaired
  1. 12 licenses & 2 disks were received for Windows'98.
  2. Windows Project'98 will go to Systems.
  3. Hard drives - another 6 are on order.
  4. 20 Cows have been ordered, they will replace older equipment.
  5. Martha mentioned that Rob Roberts said he has a "spot" to store surveyed equipment. We may need to revamp the whole procedure so that Facilities will handle the property records. Martha will discuss this with Carolyn.
  6. Bill gave Dale all the information on the distribution of surplus property to schools other than PK Yonge. Dale is considering this proposal, although in Ashley's experience, the donated equipment goes to a central distribution point (the school board) - they take what they need & divvy the rest to the schools of their choice. Bill has advised that it is probably easier to just continue donating to PK Yonge.
  1. NAC meeting this afternoon. Topics will include walk-up usage and wiring. NERDC has announced that it will handle the administration of all campus walk-up classrooms. They will provide a switch for each building that will distribute out to the hookups. NERDC will need to have read access to the SNMP tables for each department. The financing and control of this proposal needs to be nailed down.
  2. The outline of the wiring projects drawn up by Ashley was presented to Martha. Will add up to roughly $10K. With the additional switches, etc. it will come in at $17 to $20K.
  3. Documentation of our current network connections needs to be accelerated. They need to be complete before the projects begin. MSL will probably be first. Probable companies doing the wiring will be Digital (Ed Gresh) and TDI - even though Mike Carberry is no longer with the company - he sold it to his employees.
Software Projects Status
  1. Comments on user database access have been received from Preservation.
  2. ILL migration - on hold due to CLIO. They need to settle on what they want - what they have, migration to SQL or a whole new system.
  3. LASSIE - narrowing it down so it can be web applicable.
  4. Laverne received her January reports - USNP.
  5. Jack Waters has been inquiring about something in Excel - he has a project in mind.
  6. PAULA is complete. The campus-wide version will be another web-based project.
  7. The new version of SELMA is complete. It has it's own folder on NT7.
  8. ATC - Bill attended a meeting with FCLA - they will provide CD's for offline - the development will be done on their account.
  9. Ying has completed her update of the Trouble Ticketing System. She has greatly improved the performance and increased query options.
DP Coordinator
  1. The latest batch of yearly Compustat tapes were received in the 3270 format, but they are still not in EBCDIC. Sharon Wheeler at NERDC is trying to see if she can read a tape. If we have no luck there, we will have to again return them to Compustat.
  1. Ashley will be out on Friday, February 19.

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